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Mission Statement & Vision

The Maverick Volleyball Club serves Ottawa and it’s surrounding communities in providing our youth with high quality volleyball programs. Our Club takes pride in our successful track record of promoting and fostering leadership, organizational, team and life skills for the benefit of its members.

Core Values

Here at Maverick Volleyball we value the total development of the individual in a manner that is both complete in nature and deep in quality. Active for Life, Responsible Programming, Fair Play, Team Cohesion and Complete & Proper Training are the keys in our delivery of a quality experience for every individual in our club.

A Message from the Founder

In 1985 a new volleyball club was formed and took to the road to compete in OVA events across the province. The Maverick Volleyball Club was an opportunity for east end athletes to get a higher level of volleyball competition and coaching to help them reach for their goals.

The Maverick name was used to signify a new way of doing things in Ottawa, and this theme was evident in the choosing of names for the teams: Mustangs, Longhorns, Posse, Colts and Gamblers appeared at OVA competitions and OCVL leagues.

Affectionately known as the “MAVS”, our programs have developed to cover every level from introductory to elite. We have something for everyone in youth volleyball – from fun and social to intense and focussed (and everything in between). Key to our growth has been our innovative 7-week blocks for beginners (Smashball and FUNdamentals) and the intermediate recreational options, which often lead to our full array of competitive rosters.

All of this has not caused us to become complacent. Working with several key individuals in the volleyball community, our programs match with Volleyball Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Model designed to get the most from and for our players and coaches. Partnering with companies such as Performance Sports Therapy, Capital Strength Training Systems, and MaxVolley have helped us improve the quality of our supplemental training.

We value the dedication shown by our coaches at every practice. This focus on growth and development has led to an increased number and level of certified coaches, and many go on to coach in Provincial and National teams.

And let’s not forget summertime. Maverick VC is the only club in the region to offer an organized beach development program as well as fun beach camps.

With more than 30 teams of competitive and high performance athletes, we continue to grow and are Canada’s largest single-city competitive Volleyball Club.

We are not done yet!  Keep your eyes on us, we won’t disappoint.

Kerry MacLean

Founder & President – Maverick Volleyball Club

Leadership Team

The Maverick Executive Leadership team is composed of executive leaders who govern the Club’s activities. The team meets regularly during the volleyball season to ensure that timely decisions allow for smooth operations of club activities.

Name Role
 Administration Mailbox  info@maverickvolleyball.ca
 Kerry MacLean  President & Visionary
 Greg Skotnicki  VP & Integrator
 John Nguyen  Director – Competitive
 Jelle Kooijman Technical Director
 Ian Whamond  Operations Director
 Chris MacLean  Marketing & Comms Director
 Félix Potvin  Human Resources Director
 Paula Cudmore  Administration – Competitive
 Anthony Ha  Administration – Training Centres
 Jacob Matheson  Administration – LTP/Rec Programs
 Cheryl Stinson  Technical Committee
 Sally Spack  Facilities Manager
 John Spack  Equipment Manager
 James Battiston  Events Manager
 Thérèse Ngo  Social Media Coordinator
 Kara Potvin  Liaison Officer
 Robyn Goss  Store Manager
 Sangeetha Prakash  Accounting
 Bryan Ip  NFP Finance

Our Dedicated Coaches

We owe the success of our Club to our dedicated coaches who volunteer their time and expertise to develop our athletes. Our team of coaches is composed of individuals coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences who, on top of their daily work schedules, dedicate hours to planning practices, establishing the seasonal plans, running training sessions and traveling to tournaments with their teams (to name a few).

Our coaches have completed or are in the midst of completing  all Ontario Volleyball Association and Volleyball Canada’s coaching certification requirements. Throughout their coaching career with the Maverick Volleyball Club, the Club ensures that coaches continually aspire to learn and develop through the benefits of new volleyball curriculum as offered by various resources such as Volleyball Canada, the OVA and Art of Coaching.  Furthermore, the Club provides opportunities and incentives for coaches to consistently develop and grow professionally through learning modules, workshops, seminars  and skills enhancement.

It is important to note that our coaches are volunteers and receive an honorarium to cover some of the expenses associated with coaching a team.  The honorarium is a token of appreciation of the countless hours put in by coaches.

We continuously look for strong, dedicated and passionate coaches for all age groups. If you are interested in joining our coaching team, the first step is to fill out an application for one of the openings on our recruitment page.

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