The following is the Code of Conduct that all Maverick players must sign before being accepted onto a Provincial- or National-level team. We encourage everyone involved on Maverick Volleyball to voluntarily abide by these common sense guidelines and be kind to everyone you meet – in life as well as in sport.

1. Respect for Rules

  • I abide by all codes of conduct and policies governing my sport, including:

2. Respect for Others

  • I act with respect toward all those I come into contact with through sport. 
    • I respect others as persons and treat them with dignity. This means I refrain from comments or behaviours which are abusive, offensive, or otherwise belittling or demeaning to others. I do not harass or tolerate harassment by others.
    • I respect the privacy of others. I will not post pictures or videos of others to social media without their permission.  
    • I do not endanger the safety or security of others through my actions. 
    • I demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times and team pride. 

3. Respect for Self

  • I take it upon myself to develop as a player and individual.  
    • I act with fairness and integrity in the pursuit of excellent sport.  
    • If I feel I or someone else is not being treated correctly or fairly, I speak up.  
    • I respect my mental health and my body and help it to function at peak performance. This includes, but is not limited to practicing self-care and acquiring the proper sleep and nutrition. 
      • I abide by the restriction on Alcohol, Recreational or Performance- Enhancing Drugs, and Tobacco/Vaping Products at all times. 

4. Respect for School

  • I commit to maintaining a high academic standard.
    • I recognize that my schoolwork is important to the rest of my life.
    • I recognize that maintaining good grades is critical to being accepted into a post secondary institution.

5. Respect for Property

  • I respect the property and livelihood of others
    • I refrain from vandalism, theft, and other forms of mischief. 
    • I am mindful of how my actions impact others.