Get Involved

There are many ways parents can get involved! Choose from the many special projects listed below (or feel free to offer other services to your head coach):


In catering to our francophone clientele, we occasionally need help with translating and proofreading, especially for our web site. We would appreciate your help.

Feeding the Media

Maverick Volleyball has plenty of amazing stories to tell. We need people to write articles for newspapers, contact the press (we’ll provide the contact info) and get local and national media to talk about Maverick Volleyball and the accomplishments of our youth.

4 Fun Christmas / Spring 4 Fun / Food Bank Donations

We need organizers for these two popular fundraising events which donate hundreds of items to the Ottawa Food Bank every year and raises funds for the host team.


Over 50 school volleyball tournaments are organized each year in our community. Maverick Volleyball supports these tournaments by organizing contests and providing special MVP and MIP prizes. We also set up information tables for players and parents to learn more about our program. Volunteers can set up the information tables, meet with the school coaches, hand out prizes, take photos, and answer questions about our club.

Sponsor Athletes, Teams, or the Club itself

Our competitive and high performance teams look for sponsors in the business world to help support the requirements of competitive sport, keeping youth athletes engaged in positive activity that will improve their health and well-being as they get older.

Competitive Teams

Maverick club teams are the not-for-profit part of this vast sports organization. Club teams have many moving parts and, parents are expected to do their part to help their child’s team.

Team Treasurer 
What’s involved?

Travel Coordinator 
What’s involved?

Food Table
Nutrition is a key part of competing successfully. Not all tournaments allow food tables, but when they do, parents will get together to create a sharing food table with healthy food and drinks for the athletes to nourish themselves with to avoid the fast food option. Often one parent will coordinate food donations from the families and a small group will join in setting up on site.

Uniform Coordinator
One parent will liaise with other parents and the coach to create team lists with unique jersey numbers. They will arrange pick up uniform packages (socks, shorts, jerseys) from an East-End location and distribute amongst the team – keeping track of who has received what, and alerting the Maverick Clothing Coordinator of any shortages or extras.

Occasionally tournament hosts will require teams to provide scorekeepers and lines-people. Your cheerful assistance would be appreciated – don’t worry, we’ll teach you how. Contact us to join a training session.

Some competitive and high performance coaches like to utilize video footage to aid in assessing game play. A parent will often take on the task of setting up the camera system and remotely operating it. Talk to your coach if you’d like to help out with this during tournaments.

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