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Is physical literacy diminishing?

March 3, 2024

Put simply, Physical Literacy is the term used to describe the foundation of movement proficiency. In a world where specialization often dominates the sports landscape, the importance of physical literacy and multi-sport training cannot be overstated. While focusing on a single sport may seem advantageous for honing specific skills, a broader foundation derived from developing […]


In the Stands

February 1, 2024

Here are five tips to channel that enthusiasm into positive reinforcement and support from the stands. It is important to cheer on our young athletes, but there may be some challenges as we transition from parent to spectator. Most importantly, remember to have fun because core memories are being built every day. BE SUPPORTIVE. Of […]


Thinking of Switching Clubs?

August 10, 2023

A comprehensive survey of U.S. youth athletes and their families found that the top concerns of players and parents when evaluating a Competitive Club experience was #1 communication and #2 player development. A distant 3rd concern was the desire for a preferred court position. Maverick Volleyball believes that a Canadian survey of what matters to […]


Preventing Injuries in Volleyball

July 17, 2023

Injury prevention has been a cornerstone of youth sports as a way for young people to stay active. However, learning new skills can increase the risk of injury, particularly during puberty when the body is undergoing significant physical changes. Overuse injuries, in particular, can be a common problem in youth sports. What causes overuse injuries? […]


Fun v. Winning

May 16, 2023

What outcome do you prefer? The answers may differ between athletes, parents and coaches. A 2014 research study asked kids to rank aspects of youth sports that they consider “fun.” The results are fascinating. but may be more representative of the younger age groups than views of competitive-level players. According to the study, the  least […]