Volleyball Diplomacy in DC

February 22, 2023

After 37 years and plenty of bumps, twists and turns along the way, some not so friendly. I have to say it is messages like these that remind me why all the time and effort is worth it.

I was approached by a coach tonite who recently returned from the big trip to DC for our HP Girls. He said I have an email I want to show you. I guess the look on my face was one of dread or something because he quickly re-assured me that it was good.

It seems our young women made a very good impression while in DC both on and of the court. The note was from a mom who made the trip and was enjoying some down time when this happened.

“Totally random comment but I was sitting in a quiet spot this morning at the convention centre and talking to a security guard about her day. She saw my shirt and called the head of security over to talk to me. I was a little worried but he said the Mavs received the most positive “comment cards” from staff all weekend. He said facility and security staff submit cards-good or bad, about what is going on during the tournament. He said the Maverick Club (all age groups) hands down is the best at following instructions, not damaging the facility, being respectful, cleaning up around themselves etc. He said they review the comments as well as security video footage after the tournament and teams can be fined for damage or banned from returning next year.”

To all our young charges out there, what you do and how you behave and treat things MATTERS! The old saying is “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Wearing our brand is a statement of excellence and that was reinforced in spades. To all the Parents, coaches and teams who made this journey, please add this comment to your list of successes on the weekend.

For all of us on the Executive, thank you for another reason to be #mavsproud.