New Program for Block 2 – FUNdamentals Train

November 9, 2023

Designed for athletes with limited to no volleyball experience but are keen to learn new skills. This program focuses on learning and developing the five basic skills in volleyball: passing, setting, spiking, blocking & defending. Our coaches introduce all the basic skills in a fun and engaging way allowing athletes to experiment and learn at their own pace. Progressive introduction and instruction of the skills will ensure that the game remains dynamic and fun while learning to play. Limiting the game play to 4 per side with a smaller court allows each player to get more contacts and a chance to succeed sooner.

  • Mixed-gender, aged 14-17 (no experience necessary)
  • Drills and gameplay scenarios within the practices
  • Coaching by experienced volleyball coaches
  • Instruction and feedback based on learning the five fundamental volleyball skills

Block 2 Session (November 26-January 28) at ESC Garneau, Sundays 11:15AM – 12:35PM