Farewell to Sangeetha Prakash, Mav Accountant

April 16, 2024

It’s with mixed emotions that we announce that our club accountant, Sangeetha Prakash, is leaving Maverick for the exciting corporate world of accounting.

Sangeetha came to Canada and began as a customer service agent with TurboTax, earning top awards for customer service and performance. She has had to work her way back up in the accounting profession, having both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting, but needing to prove herself in Canada.

We are thrilled that she will now be a Senior District Accountant for Compass (Group) Canada, where she will surely shine.

Sangeetha has been a truly invaluable resource to the club for the past nearly three years, and we’re all sad to see her go. She will be departing for her new job in a couple of weeks but will be on hand to help us transition to a new person in her downtime.

Team Treasurers: to make sure nothing slips through the cracks during the transition, please send accounting-related questions to <finance@maverickvolleyball.ca>.

We wish Sangeetha the very best in her new role.