Coach Clothing Credits

The goal of clothing credits is to ensure that all of our coaches (and admins) visually represent the Maverick organization to players and parents at every Mav event (including: events/practices/sessions/tournaments).

  • As representatives of Maverick Volleyball, coaches and admins are encouraged to wear CoachWear or optional MavsWear outside of Mav events. As such, we welcome your feedback or suggestions to
  • Coaches or Admins will receive a max credit equal to the highest position they perform in any given fiscal year – with the exception of summer camps, which are a separate credit for a specific “staff” item.
  • When at least one clothing item is owned, remaining or accumulating credits can be saved for more expensive items. Unused clothing credits expire on August 31st if a coach is not returning to the club the following season. 
  • Credits can be used fect or MavsWear items (hoodies, backpacks, etc.) as long as Maverick clothing items are being worn at every Mav event listed above.  
  • Clothing credits grow with the number of hours that coaches are involved with the club. 
  • Coaches who completed a Fall CTC and switch to coach a new Competitive team in January will receive a top-up to the Comp level amount for the second half of the competitive season. 
  • Learn-to-Play or Recreational coaches who join an existing comp team part way through the season may receive a pro-rated top-up. 
  • New coaches who join an existing CTC or Comp team part way through the season may receive a pro-rated clothing credit amount.

The following goes into effect on April 1st, 2024 for new programs not previously underway:

COMPETITIVE – per full season (Sept-May)
HC $170 per season
AC $115 per season
CTC – per block (Fall or Winter) 
GM / HC / AC $70 per block
LTP & Rec  – per block (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
HC / AC $25 per block 
Clinics & Camps  – per fiscal year (Aug 31-Aug 30)
Camp clothing will be 
distributed before each
camp starts.
ADMINS – per fiscal year (Aug 31-Aug 30)
Admins $115 per fiscal year