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Alumni : Player Profile

Claudia Besner

Position: libero/Leftside
Nickname: Clau,chloe
Height: 5`8
Volleyball Resumé:

Maverick Competitive Teams: -13U Rattlers -14u Gold Diggers -15u Hp Ambush -16u Hp Outlaws -17U Hp Gold Rush -18U Hp Mustangs School Teams: -Grade 9 junior Louis-Riels Team -Grade-12 Senior Louis-Riels Team -Sport-Étude Volleyball program at Louis-Riels Others: -Regional team 2012 season -Team Ontario Team 2014

Favourite Volleyball Moment: -Winning our first premier event in 16U-Team Ontario 2014
Favourite Quote:

I am a member of a team,and I rely on the team,I defer to it and sacrifice for it,because the team,not the the ultimate champion. We define ourselves by the best that is in us,not by the worst that has been to us. -Unknown

Favourite Band: Eric Church
Biggest Influence:

Bruce Dunning, Frank St-Denis

Grade Average: 83%
Career Life Goals:

Somewhere in human development ,human sciences .

5 Year Plan:

-Succeed with the 18U Hp Mustangs -Compete at the CIS level for university volleyball -Study at a good university in either Human development,human sciences or even social sciences.

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“ Nobody's a natural. You work hard to get good and then work hard to get better. ”
– Paul Coffey
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