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Alumni : Coach Profile

Andrew Sluiter

Team: Alumni
Nickname: Andy
Certification Level: Level 1 - In Training
Playing History:

Played Competitive Volleyball through Intramurals all through University.   Continued to play competitively post University to play beach and indoor with other competitive and ex-varsity players by forming our own high quality league and participated in adult tournaments over the next 10 + years.

Coaching Resumé:

I have coached Soccer, Badminton, Basketball, and Volleyball for both boys and girls of various age groups and look forward to continuing to coach in the years to come.

Coaching Philosophy:

It's all about working with the players to define the team goals and objectives and then giving the team the tools to achieve them. 

You have to work with players and allow them to develop a love of the sport.  Once a player loves what they do, there is no limit to what they can accomplish.


 Nobody is perfect, it is definitely a goal to work towards!

Current Career: Environmental Scientist
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“ The price of greatness is responsibility ”
– Sir Winston Churchill
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