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Competitive/HP Tryouts

Fall Tryouts for the 2020-21 season



Please read our news article on Team Selection.

Dates: weekend of September 19-20

For the safety of all, everyone must follow provincial restrictions. One such restriction is that numbers are severly reduced, which means that onlookers are not allowed in the gym this year.

SCHEDULE (location & times): click here

According to the OVA rules for 2020, application forms will be available on September 9th (not before). Completed registrations must be received by Sept 18th at noon. NO WALK-INS will be accepted at tryouts this season due to strict protocols. 


Make sure your registration information includes a valid email address that you check regularly. Once you register for tryouts, your email address becomes part of the communication network through TeamSnap.

Please do NOT register the athlete more than once for tryouts. Tryouts for different program levels are covered under the same registration so we can ensure the best fit for the athlete. Sign up for the chronological or extended age division that best suits your child. If you are new to the Club, we recommend signing up for the chronological age group for the exact year of birth, and our coaches will advise if the player would be best suited to play up or down if their birth date allows (no further charges apply).

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Register for Tryouts

The sign-up process has been modified this year to follow safety protocols related to COVID restrictions. 

In order to minimize gatherings and follow safety protocols related to COVID restrictions, we are only requiring players who are new to the Maverick Volleyball Club to try out.

All those who had played Maverick Volleyball during the previous 2019/2020 season were given the opportunity to resign without tryouts to reduce numbers at tryouts this year, however, returning players who did accept the resigning offer and wish to challenge their previous placement (such as to move from Competitive to High Performance), can also tryout. Note that players from the previous season who did not resign can still attend try outs but must register as New Member. The steps are different from all previous years, so please read the following information carefully.

Before attending any tryouts, you must complete the following steps process:

Registration 1:  (NEW to Maverick or players who did not re-sign) online signup forms are available here starting September 9th. If you have read the TRYOUTS information page, you can sign up here. Note, payment and proof of age must be uploaded to complete the process. REGISTRATION LINK:

Online signup forms for Maverick Players who re-signed but wish to challenge their spot are available starting September 9th. Proof of age should already be on file for returning players. If you have read all the new changes for the 2020/2021 season, go directly to the signup page. REGISTRATION LINK:

Once selected to a team:  At least one parent/guardian must complete the OVA's Respect in Sport certification before competing at an OVA tournament. This is a one-time process. If you have already completed the RIS requirement in a previous year (or even with another sport or club), it carries over, so please include your RIS certificate number on your tryout waiver form. Keep your certification number on file as you will need to include it every year on the waiver. 

• • • • •

Tryout Process

The selection process will include an assessment of various elements such as physical testing (all age groups), skill assessment (12U - 16U), and game situation assessment (all age groups)

All athletes within the same age group and gender will be assessed collectively in accordance with the OVA’s tryout policy.

Here are the steps each athlete will follow during the selection process (subject to change).

Health Check:  On the morning of your tryout, the Maverick online health check must be completed (link to come) before showing up to any tryout.

Check-in:  Follow entry protocols as posted at each site.

Assessments: All levels of athletes will have 1 or 2 on-court skill assessments (schedules in link above highlighted in yellow).

Offers: Coaches begin to offer roster positions after completion of assessment. (Parents/athletes then have a response window of 36 hours in which to accept)

Deposit: Upon signing with the Maverick Volleyball Club, all athletes will be required to pay a $350 team-fee deposit and then arrange payment information for monthly invoicing. Full instructions will be sent to athletes selected to teams.

• • • • •


"My daughter did attend both sessions. She really appreciated that there is one more chance to demonstrate her skills. She felt that she performed better on the second day because she knew the drills better and because coaches asked her to demonstrate more enthusiasm!"   – Parent

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• Who can tryout?

In order to minimize gatherings and follow safety protocols related to COVID restrictions, we are only requiring players who are new to the Maverick Volleyball Club to try out. All those who had been signed for the previous 2019/2020 season were given the opportunity to resign without tryouts to reduce numbers at tryouts this year. Players who wish to challenge their placement, such as to move from Competitive to High Performance, can also try out and must follow all three registration steps.

• What does the $35 fee include?

The fee for all new players is non-refundable and includes physical testing and skill assessments with multiple coaches in attendance.

Fees include a $5 donation to a charity. Our charity this year is the Ottawa Food Bank.

There are no refunds of the tryout fee for any reason.

• Where and when are tryouts?

The timeframe for all Club Tryouts is established by the Ontario Volleyball Association. For the Maverick Volleyball Club, different age groups try out at different facilities and different times. As registration numbers start rolling in and gyms are assigned, our schedules may be modified often, but will be "set" the day before, so check back regularly. The link to the schedule is here.

• How many sessions do I have to attend?

To best follow COVID restrictions, we have reduced the number of sessions and are only requiring new players to try out. If you are trying out, you must attend all tryouts posted for your age group. If you are feeling unwell at the time of tryouts, please contact us for further instructions.

• What if I miss a tryout?

If for any valid reason, an athlete misses any tryout session, they must contact the Head Coach of that age division. Due to the COVID restrictions, there are no makeup dates scheduled. If the athlete misses a session, please contact the head coach of that specific team to determine if there could be another time available for assessment; the Head Coach has final say in these matters, and are not obligated in any way to provide additional assessment time. 

If there is a conflict between another Club’s tryout and ours, we recommend that you inform us in advance and we will help you work out any such conflicts to create a solution that maximizes the options for the athlete. 

• How long is a Competitive or HP tournament season?

Normally, the competitive season starts in late-September/October and ends in April/May. Once teams are formed, teams start to practice. Most competitive teams play up to 4 OVA tournaments (1 day event) plus Provincial and/or Nationals (2-3 day events). HP teams play a few more tournaments (4-5 more), depending on the seasonal budget of each team (which is drafted by the coach following consultation with the parents). For this season, teams will be allowed to train and practice once chosen, but the OVA anticipates competitions will not start until January 2021, this still is to be confirmed.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to

• What is the difference between HP and Competitive and Selects programs?

The Maverick coaches will assess each player for their suitability to play at either the "High Performance" or "Competitive" or "Selects" level. Parents who wish to downgrade the choice may discuss this with the coach.

The High Performance Program aims to maximize each athlete's individual potential, in combination with team fortitude and cohesion, through the addition of supplemental practice and training methodologies (such as nutrition, mental and strength/agility training). HP teams compete more often, and both interprovincially and internationally, and a higher level of time commitment is required. All HP teams are expected to compete at VC National Championships.

The Competitive Program is designed for athletes who wish to play the sport at a serious competition level. Competition is usually centred on the OVA schedule. Supplemental local and regional tournaments may be added. Comp teams have the option of competing at Volleyball Canada Nationals in the spring. 

The Selects Program is part of the Competitive stream and is designed to extend large-group training beyond tryouts in order to select athletes for our final competitive team. Due to a delayed start of the season, we will not be offering the Selects Program for the 2020/21 season.

Any athlete not selected to an HP team will be encouraged to continue tryouts in the Competitive stream (no additional cost). Be aware that the HP program requires a higher level of time and travel commitment and is geared for a progression to varsity post-secondary recruitment. Any athlete in the HP stream can opt to change to the competitive stream at any point in the tryout process (again no additional tryout cost).

• What age groups have Competitive-level teams?

The Maverick Volleyball Club fields gender-specific competitive teams at all age groups from 12U to 14U girls, and 12U to 15U boys, plus older age groups to 18U where sufficient numbers exist.

• What age groups have HP-level teams?

The Maverick Volleyball Club prides itself in following the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, and therefore we only offer HP teams at the "train to compete" level and above. We offer HP programs for the following:

Girls: 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U.
Boys: 16U, 17U, 18U.

• What is a pre-HP team?

The pre-HP team (pre-high performance team) is a competitive-level team that introduces some of the HP concepts one year before the HP program begins. The pre-HP program offers supplemental training sessions as well as one strength/conditioning session a week, and an introduction to mental training concepts. These teams are most likely to compete a few more tournaments than a regular competitive team. Offered at 14U for girls and 15U for boys.

• How much does it cost to be on a Competitive (Comp) team?

As a non-profit organization, Maverick team fees are cost-recovery only. Club fees set by the Club Financial Officer cover all fixed operating costs, such as: OVA registration and tournament entry fees, uniform shorts, socks, kneepads and practice T's, coaching, and practice requirements (gyms, balls, equipment), and year-end celebration for the athlete. Any additional competitions, travel and accommodation are "pay as you go" based on the parent-approved season plan. At the end of the season, budgets will be reconciled and any remaining balance will returned to the parents (or shortages will be invoiced).

• How much does it cost to be on a High Performance (HP) team?

Maverick HP fees are set by each individual team, within Club parameters, and must achieve a zero-based budgeting outcome. Team budgets are set by the coaching staff in cooperation with, and approved by that team's parent group. Budgets include OVA registration fees, all tournament entry fees (including Nationals and international or interprovincial play), travel and accommodation to all tournaments, practice requirements (gyms, balls, equipment), team gear, coaching, supplemental training (strength and conditioning, nutrition, sport psychology experts), plus one ticket to the year-end celebration. At the end of theseason, budgets will be reconciled and any remaining balance will returned to the parents (or shortages will be invoiced).

• What age division do I fall into for the 2020/21 season?

Players must be under the designated age category based on their birth date.

Chronological Age Class

12U - born in 2009 or later

13U - born in 2008 or later

14U - born in 2007 or later

15U - born in 2006 or later

16U - born in 2005 or later

17U - born in 2004 or later

18U - born in 2003 or later

Extended Age Class (athletes born in Sept-Dec of the previous year)

12U - born between Sept 1st 2008 and Dec 31st 2008

13U - born between Sept 1st 2007 and Dec 31st 2007

14U - born between Sept 1st 2006 and Dec 31st 2006

15U - born between Sept 1st 2005 and Dec 31st 2005

16U - born between Sept 1st 2004 and Dec 31st 2004

17U - born between Sept 1st 2003 and Dec 31st 2003

18U - born between Sept 1st 2002 and Dec 31st 2002

• Playing up and Playing down Guidelines

OVA rules allow an athlete born from September 1st to December 31st to play for the next age-group-lower team. This does not apply to 19U athletes who are on a post-secondary varsity team. This OVA guideline is intended to properly evaluate what is best for the athlete and allow them to play at the appropriate skill level.

Maverick coaches will assess players on their suitability to "play up" or "play down" as deemed appropriate, but athletes can tryout for the age level they feel is most appropriate for them within these rules.

• Playing Up: Athletes whose skill level is appropriate for a level above their age, may try out for an older team.

• Playing Down: Athletes born in September through December (only) may choose to try out for a younger team (1 year younger than their actual age). 

• • • • •


Interested in coaching or assistant coaching positions?

The Maverick Volleyball Club accepts coaching applications year round. Visit our Coaching application page for more information. 

“ Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration. ”
– Evan Esar