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Physical Training

Over the years, many athletes had asked us about how to improve strength training, so the Maverick Club partnered with the Capital Strength Training Systems (CSTS) to offer a 10-week off-season training option. 

Program Outline (brief summary)

The CSTS Off-Season training program is designed for Maverick athletes to increase strength, speed and power while improving mobility and creating and understanding of how to perform basic maintenance on ones self. Being an elite athlete is a full time job, and the training coaches at CSTS are dedicated to facilitating the demands for the Maverick athletes while brining their performance to the next level.

10-week Program Details


Nick Haince has over 15 years of experience in training young athletes. Over the years ha has learned how to captivate and motivate amateurs in sport and bring them to the next level. His long-term athletic development approach ensures proper growth and progress of the athlete to reach their highest potential. As the saying goes, "You must learn to walk before you run" and this is the mentality the CSTS training coaches take with their young competitors. Ensuring proper movement patterns and understanding technique is the utmost important aspect of their training programs. The Capital Strength trainers are advocates in basic human maintenance and teach young athletes several techniques that help them understand how to take care of their bodies to keep them mobile, flexible and injury free. By using proper progressions of fundamental compound movements, Capital Strength not only trains our athletes but also educates them on how to properly engage their bodies to get the most out of each lift while having the highest transfer to their sport. Aside from the physical training, Capital Strength encourages training mental strength; building confidence within the athlete and showing them what their bodies are capable of. It is very important to understand one’s physical limits, to be able to squeeze out every ounce of potential. Ultimately, the CSTS goal is to develop better athletes, while providing several life skills that can stay with us forever. "Instilling these skills into athletes at a young age is worth more than anything," says Nick.

Facility Info

The 5647 sq.ft. Capital Strength Training Systems (CSTS) facility is designed to deliver high-end programming to meet the needs of all athletes, general public and rehabilitation clients. Its 3,600 sq.ft. open-concept training area is loaded with 10 squat racks, a variety of standard and specialty barbells, 900 sq.ft. of artificial turf for speed and agility work, cardio equipment, battle ropes and much more.

Location:  2190 Thurston Drive, Ottawa

Strength Coaches and Trainer info

Nick Haince, BSc Hon. HK

Bachelor of Science with Honors in Human Kinetics (Ottawa U)
7 years experience as Strength Coach and Personal Trainer in Ottawa
Assistant Strength Coach for OHL Ottawa 67s (2010-2014)
Experience with NHL, AHL, OHL, NCAA, CIS and plenty of local amateur athletes
Certified NCCP Level 1 Coach
Former Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP)

Nick Haince
Nick Haince - Maverick Strength Coach

BSc Hon. HK more >>

Contact the CSTS landline at 613-738-4747
or contact Nick directly at