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2020 Tryout Guidelines - New Members / texte français

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Maverick Volleyball Club Try-outs!!

Following today's Provincial Government announcement on new restrictions in Ottawa, there are no restrictions for us to hold try-outs this weekend so they are still taking place.
Below are a few requirements and guidelines to follow this year.
Each registered participant/coach will be required to complete the following steps in order to be eligible to participate in try-out sessions:
  1. As the new OVA MRS registration system is not up and running yet, we need 2 below attached waivers to be completed and uploaded prior to your first tryout session.  Here's the link to upload your completed files.
  2. Obey the Try-out Guidelines/Rules stated below.
Try-out Guidelines/Rules
  1. Players and coaches are all required to complete the Bilingual MVC self-screening questionnaire before each session. Should it not be completed the day of the session, the athlete/coach will be denied entry in the facility until it is completed. If you feel unwell, please stay home and contact us ( for further instructions.
  2. No spectators will be allowed in the training facilities during sessions.
  3. Wear a mask everywhere except when about to start the session on court. Coaches will give out instructions as to when to remove it.
  4. Arrive only 15 minutes before your try-out time and check-in with a coach.
  5. No designated warm up space will be allotted, athletes that need to foam roll or do any type of warm up will be required to do outside prior to your session.  A basic warm up on court will be done.
  6. Respect and maintain social distancing at all times (including water breaks and on-court explanations). Remember no physical high fives permitted.
  7. Bags/equipment must be placed in an assigned space at all times during sessions.
  8. Bring only the minimum, including a large full water bottle. Come dressed ready to go on court except for your shoes.
  9. Bring your own hand sanitizer – you will be required to use hand sanitizer at every water break.
  10. Leave the gym/facility immediately after your session.
  11. Balls and nets will be sanitized during and after each session by coaching staff.
  12. Post try-out notifications such as offers will be sent by coaching staff directly.
Here is the link to the online Tryout Schedule
*parents see online details on parking suggestions for each location since no spectators will be allowed in the facilities during any of the sessions due to facility and COVID-19 Protocols.

Below are useful resources for your awareness.
Wishing you all a safe and fun try-out with us!
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