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Club News Story

Maverick Development Programs reach new Heights

2013 / 07 / 18

Once a small component of our operations, the developmental programs have grown to dwarf our competitive club in the number of registrants each season. Last year (2011-12) was our best ever with 880 participants. This season's 1051 represents an almost 20% increase. Restarting our youth beach league, along with the opening of new programs in Barrhaven, Bells Corners, and Woodroffe, means we are seeing still more yong people trying volleyball out as their sport of choice.

Developmental programs include Young Mavs 1 and 2 (both beach and indoor), House League and Camps (Summer and March Break). These programs are filled mostly from the endorsement of current participants, players and parents of the competitive club and the teacher coaches of the Ottawa- gatineau region. Economical in price, billingual in structure, fun and learning, all combined with a short time committment and multiple options during the year make it an ideal choice for those curious about the game or even looking to fill a "between season" slot with varied activity.

The move to the south and Barrhaven is one of the nicest surprises for us at the club, our brand is not commonly known in those communities, and yet the program quickly took off, finishing the school year with a capacity session. We hopes the good words and good vibes will keep these clinics full in the coming fall. Maverick Volleyball plans to keep growing these skills-development programs and see no limit for young people to make the best of these opportunities for active lifestyles and even for competitive levels as a result of this increased presence.

Canada is about to move into the top 12-15 on the world stage with the recent success of our indoor men's team and both men's and women's beach pairs. More and more kids and families will be looking to "give it a try" as an alternative to hockey, soccer and other mainstream sports. The developmental programs give an option of playing the game without the committment of the travel and cost associated with the competitive programs.

These skill development programs will, just by their nature and size, bring new competitive players to the program and, in the end, will raise the already solid Maverick reputation around the province and country. "The Maverick Volleyball Club is the model by which we should all be looking to build our programs", was the sentiment echoed by parents and coaches from several organizations in Ontario. 

As we approach our 30th year of operation, we dare to dream big and will make a splash on the sports landscape in Ottawa. Stay tuned for more great news.

“ Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. ”
– Michael Jordan