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Club News Story

Team Building with Fana Soro

2012 / 11 / 27

Team Building with Fana Soro
Drumming, rhythm and music is something we can all relate to and has the unmistakable power to uplift and connect groups of people. Rhythm is something inherent in us all and by getting in tune with our inner rhythm we can also connect with the rhythm of our team. By working together as a group, you will break down barriers and connect with your team mates on many different levels. This is an ideal way to bond with your team, improve communication, boost productivity and energy, develop positive relationships and have fun!
Fana Soro is a hereditary master of the balafon and a former 9 year member of the Ballet National du Cote d'Ivoire. During his tenure with the ballet, Fana toured globally with one of Africa's most prestigious performing arts organizations. In 1991, he was engaged by the Ministry of Culture in Oslo, Norway to produce a Scandinavian tour of public schools and bring a taste of African culture to Nordic children. He later became a permanent Artist in Residence at the famous Norwegian International Museum of Chilren's Art. In 1997, Fana immigrated to Vancouver, Canada with his family and formed the performance group, Masabo. Fana Soro and Masabo have gone on to be one of the most-toured acts of traditional African music, dance and storytelling within Canada, not to mention internationally. Fana has lead drumming and dance workshops in thousands of schools, community centres, studios and living rooms! Masabo has been a central performing arts troupe to such organizations as Artstarts in Schools, Britannia World Music Program, ArtSmarts, UBC Chan Centre, Surrey Art Centre, the Vancouver International Children's Festival, Alliance Francais de Vancouver,  and here in Ottawa, Fana Soro and Masabo are new to the artist roster of the MASC organization. As a stage performer, Fana brings thousands of years of West African musical history to life; as a teacher, Fana's passion and love of his culture and of life in general make your time with him unforgettable.
For Maverick Volleyball, Fana will offer a reduced fee of $120 per hour for a 60 minute session of Team Building with a maximum of 30 people. All instruments supplied.
West African Drumming and/or Dance Workshop Bookings (Francais/English):
Fana Soro 613.618.8114 or Lisa Soro 613.552.3566
School Show or Community Show Bookings (Francais/English):
Fana Soro and Masabo will be touring in Ottawa schools from Feb.1 to Feb. 15th, 2013. For school show bookings please contact and ask for Wendy Hartley
You just have to google Fana Soro and Masabo to see that he is a real guy... :)

“ You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there. ”
– Edwin Louis Cole