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Club News Story

Considering High Performance with the Mavericks?

2012 / 07 / 11

The Maverick Volleyball Club's High Performance program was implemented in 2005 and has helped our club leap to a position of leadership in the province.  

"The Maverick HP Program has changed the way clubs in the OVA do business" Dustin Ried- Ryerson Rams (Former OVA Technical Director)

"The Maverick Club has put together a model that all other clubs are re-creating to catch-up to your lead." Kristine Drakich- President OVA (Head Coach University of Toronto Blues Women's Team)

"Recruits from the Maverick HP program are more prepared and ready to go than most 1st year players; they are definitely ahead on the training curve when they arrive to our program." Lionel Woods Head Coach of the University of Ottawa Gee Gees Women's team.  

These are some of the comments we are getting from around the Province and even across the country. Evidence of the success comes in many other forms as well:

1. Nine of thirty (9/30) indoor volleyball athletes in Ontario receiving "Quest for Gold" funding are graduates/members of the Maverick HP program. (Over 30% from only1 of almost 40 clubs across Ontario)

2. Eight of nine (8/9) of the 2009 Mustangs and ten of ten (10/10) of the 2010 Shotguns went on to play at the University level. Many receiving conference "all rookie team" status.

3. Three National Champion teams in 2009-2011 period.  The Maverick HP program is designed to help athletes train to compete at their full potential. The program is comprehensive in nature and prepares young players according to principles set out in Canada's Long Term Athlete Development Plan (LTAD).

This program includes the following features not normally found on team agendas before 2000. Additional dimensions that are formally presented are:  

a. Comprehensive year long strength and conditioning program.

 b. Sports Psychology or Mental training by Professionals.

c. Nutritional analysis and education applied to the season and training.

d. Academic Monitoring and time management counseling.

e. 50% more on court Volleyball Training

f. Inter-provincial and International Competition

g. Top level coaching (NCCP Level 2 Minimum)    

These are not only skills that help the individual athletes with volleyball, they are meant to help with life after volleyball as well.  After all this we still seem to be misunderstood in what we are presenting. 

The question we most often hear is why the cost difference?     (Approx $1100 for Competitive vs. $2000-$2500 for HP) 

We understand that parents want value for their hard earned money; we feel that HP is a bargain when you consider all that is offered first, all HP teams are budgeted individually by coaches along with parent input and approval. They are set up on a full cost recovery basis. The Maverick Volleyball Club is a Not for Profit organization.

The remainder of the answer is found partially in the program description above; obviously these additional services and time in the gym come at an additional cost. However the structure of the HP budgeting system also leads to a difference. HP teams budget for all costs. That means equipment such as shoes, knee pads socks, training suits and supplies are included in the price. (Comp level parents will have to pay in addition to their fees to outfit their players).

Also the HP teams include travel expenditures in their fees. (Hotels and potential airfare to Nationals are included). Often I have be told that when parents sit down and total up their costs from competitive teams they find there is not a big difference in real costs. Coaches are encouraged to budget on a "worst case" basis for travel etc and sometimes HP parents are refunded money at the season end. This accompanied with a year long payment option make HP more affordable than the first impression given by the total cost.   

The HP model is designed to get the most out of every team member. Players who train to the best of their ability under this model are rewarded more during the season and definitely beyond their club experience.   

Is it worth it? We think it is. So do parents of many athletes who travel from locations like Rockland, Manotick, Arnprior, Carleton Place, even Kingston and Deep River to participate on our HP teams.    

 If you have any further questions about becoming involved in this ground breaking program please contact Kerry MacLean at kerry@maverickvolleyball, he will be happy to answer other concerns and possibly meet with you and your son/daughter to reflect on this decision.    


“ You're the only one who can make the difference. Whatever your dream is, go for it. ”
– Earvin Magic Johnson