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Club News Story

A Coach's Dilemma

2012 / 05 / 23

Choosing to coach for two different clubs and two different genders is not something that is completely unique, but still not common and for this season Colin had made a huge commitment to both the 15u HP Maverick Stampede and the Ottawa Fusion 16u boys.

Let's start with the fact that both teams were practicing on the same evening every week, a problem you say. Not to Colin who found that this was a very manageable situation which actually gave him some nights off. With a very strong staff on his Fusion team he was able to make it from the girls 6-8 practice over to the boys 8-10 with only a small lapse in practice. 15u girls and 16u boys tournaments mostly fell on opposite weekends so this just meant that there was just a lot of driving down the 401 for Colin. Nothing new for this 25 year veteran of both Club and school volleyball.

However with a Super Nationals being hosted this past weekend in Toronto and the 15 and 16u ages being in the same wave, these two conflict might just come to a head in the perfect storm of success.

One problem was that the teams stayed miles apart in different venues. To this his fatherly duties took priority entrusting the Boys to an army of security personnel thanks to a high profile member.

During the days Thursday and Friday Coach Walker’s teams played on the same days but in different waves (long days for sure). But come Saturday his problems began. Having great tournaments both teams found themselves in Tier 1 play-offs Saturday. Now the start times were in direct conflict. What to do?? No problem on the outside stated Colin. “I’ll have to stay with the girls as they have no one else”. His daughter being a member of the Stampede was also a very large factor. On the other end of the conflict Colin was supported by Jeff Mooney, a recent 18u National Champion with the Ottawa Mavericks and Colin had complete faith in his protégé. On the inside every coach knows he would split himself in half if he could just to witness what was to come.

This coach’s dilemma would continue with each win during the day, as both teams marched forward to the finals of their respective divisions. In the end the 15u Girls clinched the Div 2, and an exciting third set of the final. A match where the Fusion had won the first set handily over FVVC but then dropped the second. Colin was there in time to see   the Boys battle for their lives and come from behind to make it the closest of margins in a Silver Medal performance Div 1 Tier 1 a gut wrenching 13-15 game.

The Maverick volleyball club would like to send congratulations to both teams on making a truly dedicated coach and father both very proud and also fulfilled for all the time he gives to you players and your parents.

“ The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.  ”
– Joe Paterno