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Regional Team Selection

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Tryout Schedule & Selection

Please find below the tryout schedule and process for the 2012 Region 6 Ontario Winter Games Teams.

Eligibility: Female athletes born 1997 or earlier and male athletes born in 1996 or earlier

The Region has been allocated one team for each gender and each team will carry a roster of 12 athletes. Non-roster, developmental athletes may be selected to train with the teams.

Try out date: Sunday December 11, 2011
Location: St. Joseph Catholic High School, 3333 Greenbank Road, Ottawa, ON K2J 4J1

Schedule for boys

1:00 Registration
1:30 Skill Assessment
3:00 Physical Testing
4:00 Information Session (with parents)
4:30 Game Situation Assessment

Schedule for girls

1:30 Registration
2:30 Skill Assessment
4:00 Physical Testing
5:30 Information Session (with parents)
6:00 Game Situation Assessment


• $20 registration fee, payable to Ontario Volleyball Association

Skill Assessment

• The following skills will be assessed: serving, passing, hitting, defending
• Skill will be assessed on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (exceptional) with increments of .5 possible

Physical Testing

• The following tests will be administered: height, reach, block jump (on jump mat), agility run (9 meter shuttle), sitting med ball toss
• Test results will be assessed according to rank of athlete compared to other athletes

Game Situation

• First segment will be wash drills (6 on 6), second segment will be queen/king of the court (3 on 3 or 4 on 4 depending on numbers)
• Game situation will be assessed as follows: game skill, decision making, mental/verbal skills
• Skill will be assessed on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (exceptional) with increments of .5 possible

Club Recommendation

• Each club will be asked to provide one representative from their Club and their task is to rank their own Club's athletes.
• The selection committee may use their ranking if there is a tie between athletes and they require a tie breaker. The rationale for this Club representative is to allow for an athlete who has consistently performed well in the past but has not for the particular tryout.
• Please note this Club representative will not be asked to be on the selection committee but is welcome to assess other athletes during the day
• Ideally we would like one Club representative per gender

Team Selection

• For each gender, a committee will select the athletes according to the following considerations
o 30% Skill assessment
o 30% Game situation assessment
o 40% Physical testing
o Club Recommendation will be considered if necessary

• The committee will be compromised of 1 member of the R6 Committee, 1 member of the coaching staff (must not be a parent and ideally club neutral), 1 member from the volleyball community (i.e., University coach)
• An email will be sent to the selected athletes in the week following the tryouts


• Frank St-Denis

“ Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of quality; the other, a matter of time. ”
– Marabel Morgan