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Club News Story

Return-to-play COVID protocols for competitive players

2020 / 10 / 01

Modified on 2 Oct 2020 (see highlighted text)

The Maverick Volleyball Club is committed to helping Ottawa and Ontario prevent the spread of COVID-19 by establishing the following Return to Play Protocols for Indoor Volleyball.

We also recommend that everyone download the COVID Alert app to their phone.


  1. Contact List for COVID-19 Club Oversight Committee
  2. Safety and Hygiene Protocols
    a. Health Screening (Self-screening and Club screening)
    b. Participant Tracking
    c. Facilities (including access protocols by facility)
    d. General Protocols
    e. Sickness and the Volleybal Court
    f. Non-compliance
  3. Communication Plan
  4. COVID Education Resources

The Maverick Volleyball Club is committed to helping Ottawa and Ontario prevent the spread of COVID-19. One of the best ways we each stay healthy and protect the health of others is by practicing good hygiene.

Best practices to minimize your risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19

  • Stay home when you are unwell.
  • Avoid large crowds or crowded areas.
  • Practice physical distancing maintaining 2m (6ft) distance between people.
  • Avoid contact with sick people, especially if they have a cough, fever or difficulty breathing
  • Avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes.
  • Be aware of the local situation and follow local public health advice.
  • Wash your hands often with soap under warm running water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer (60% + alcohol) if soap and water are not available.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with your elbow when you cough and sneeze. If you cough or sneeze into a tissue, throw it away in the trash, and wash your hands.
  • Practice proper use and removal of community protective equipment (non-medical facemasks or cloth face (view the video here).
  • Use disinfecting wipes on high touch surface areas.
  • If you are member of a vulnerable population or if you live with a member of a vulnerable population, you should minimize your exposure to public spaces and gatherings in enclosed settings.

1. Contact List for COVID-19 Club Oversight Committee

A COVID-19 Oversight Committee has been established to oversee the implementation of safety and health guidelines within the club.

The members of this committee are listed below. Should you have any questions or feedback about any aspects of the Return to Play protocols or other policies and procedures related to COVID-19, please contact one of these individuals. If you are a coach, please contact Kerry MacLean directly.

This Committee alone will also be responsible for collecting information on possible exposure or positive COVID-19 results for any members or players in attendance at MAVS sanctioned events. The sole purpose is to support Ottawa Public Health with rapid contact tracing and information collected will be destroyed after 90 days.

The Oversight Committee group email address is

 Kerry MacLean  Chair  613-262-8277
 John Nguyen  Vice Chair  613-291-3762
 Sally Spack  Executive Member  613-355-0822
 Robin Butler  Parent Member  613-558-8718
 Kara Potvin  Parent Member  613-290-0060
 Caroline Workman  Parent Member  613-220-7296

2. Safety and Hygiene Protocols

The Maverick club will be following all OVA recommendations for programming, including but not limited to the number of athletes on courts, drill and game modifications, physical distancing, limited ball sharing and limited court size. These recommendations can be found in the OVA Return to Play Indoor Volleyball Protocols.

All individuals participating in club activities must complete the Ontario Volleyball Acknowledgment, Release, Indemnity and

Assumption of Risk regarding COVID-19 (“COVID-19 Waiver”). Athletes/Coaches will not be allowed to participate in club activities until this signed waiver is returned to Mavs.

a) Health Screening

i. Self-Screening Measures

All individuals taking part in indoor volleyball training must self-screen in accordance with current public health guidelines before each training session.

Individuals must not attend any training sessions or club activities if they:

  • Exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms, such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or other symptoms identified by health experts and regardless of symptom severity;
  • Have had close contact with someone who has or is suspected to have COVID-19 in the past 14 days;
  • A member of their household has been told by a local public health authority that they may have been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19;
  • Have returned from travel outside of Canada (must quarantine for 14 days at home);
  • Have been in close physical contact with someone who returned from outside of Canada in the last 14 days;
  • Are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test - the individual must self-isolate while waiting for results;
  • Has been diagnosed with COVID-19. The individual must self-isolate for 14 days from the day of receiving their test results even if their symptoms have subsided (see section d) for additional details);
  • Are member of a vulnerable population or if you live with a member of a vulnerable population, you should minimize your exposure to public spaces and gatherings in enclosed settings.

ii. Club Health Screening

All participants must complete a daily health screening before participation in any club or training activities.

The club will be using TeamSnap for Health Checks. This information is only visible to coaches and club administrators and will be held in TeamSnap for 90 days.

Health Checks in TeamSnap must be completed for both Capital Strength events and Practices since they show up as separate events in TeamSnap. Both must be completed, even if they are on the same day.

Only those participants that have successfully completed the Health Check in TeamSnap will be permitted entry*. Coaches will be responsible for ensuring the Health Check has been completed prior to allowing participants to enter the facility.The Health Check becomes available 8 hours prior to an event to provide the most recent information.

*TeamSnap’s questionnaire currently includes a question about travel outside of the province. We are trying to get this changed to travel outside of Canada. For now, please answer this question truthfully. If you have been to/live in Quebec, you will fail the Health Check. However, if that is the only reason for failing, you must add a note in your availability section of TeamSnap saying “Failed only due to travel to Quebec”, and you can still attend practice.

b) Participant Tracking

Athlete, coach and volunteer participation in club or volleyball activities must be tracked daily. Participant tracking information must be recorded and kept on file to assist with contact tracing in the event of any positive COVID-19 cases within the club or training group.

TeamSnap will be used to track participation. It is mandatory that attendance by athletes, coaches and volunteers is kept current in Teamsnap for each event. This information is held in TeamSnap for 90 days and will be used solely for the purpose of helping Ottawa Public Health with contact tracing in the event that a member tests positive for COVID-19.

Coaches will be responsible for ensuring that TeamSnap accurately reflects participation for each event.

It is also recommended that all participants download and utilize the COVID Alert government app, which can be found here:

c) Facilities

The Maverick club will not only be following all OVA recommendations, but also site-specific requirements for each of the
General facility protocols include:
  • There is a 15 minute buffer between training sessions (30 minutes at Nepean Sportsplex); coaches and players need to respect training times.
  • Implementing effective measures to manage the flow of traffic in and out of the training area.
  • Wiping down/sanitizing high touch areas such as entry/exit doors (facility specific).
  • Scheduling and implementing cleaning between each training group (see table below).
  • Ensuring that any person who enters or uses the training area maintains a physical distance of at least
  • 2m from any other person.
  • Ensuring that team sports or other sports or games that are likely to result in individuals coming within 2-metres of each other are not practiced or played within the facility.
  • Closure of dressing rooms, locker rooms, change rooms, showers and clubhouses in the facility, except to the extend they provide access to a washroom or portion of the facility that is used to provide first aid.

As of September 18, 2020, the following five facilities will be used, along with specific instructions for each:

Rideau Sports Center (RSC)
 1 Donald St
Enter from the porch of the Clubhouse. Respect enter and exit lanes.
• 12 people maximum per court, including coaches.
• Coaches are responsible for cleaning the nets and posts BEFORE their session begins.
• Coaches are responsible for cleaning entry/exit doors to gym before use.
Nepean Sportsplex (NSP)
1701 Woodroffe Ave
Entrance 4 at the back of the building.
• Groups will be greeted by a Sportsplex staff member and screened at the door within 15 minutes of the booking start time.
• Sessions are 90 minutes in length.
• Sportsplex staff will clean after each session.
RA Center (RA)
2451 Riverside Dr
Park in the west parking lot. Enter the Dome by the tunnel.
• Coaches are responsible for cleaning the nets and posts BEFORE their session begins.
• Coaches are responsible for cleaning entry/exit doors to gym before use.
La Cité Collégiale (LC)
801 Aviation Parkway
Complexe Sportif, Pavillon H.
• Coaches are responsible for cleaning the
nets and posts BEFORE their session begins.
• Coaches are responsible for cleaning entry/exit doors to gym before use.
Capital Strength Training Systems (CSTS)
2190 Thurston Drive
Enter at front door; Exit through side door.
• Smaller group sizes (approx. 10) with staggered start times.
• CSTS will train athletes on COVID protocols and enforce distancing rules and cleaning of equipment before/after each use.

d) General

The following additional Safety protocols must also be adhered to:
  • No spectators will be allowed in the facilities.
  • Athletes/Coaches must wash/sanitize hands upon entry to the facility and at the completion of training.
  • Athletes must wear a mask upon arrival to the facility, while they are walking in the facility and while they are warming up or cooling down. Athletes do not need to wear masks on the court during drills.
  • Inactive players must wear a mask.
  • Coaches must wear a mask at all times.
  • Arrive only 15 minutes before your practice time and check-in with a coach to show your Health Check clearance.
  • Athletes are required to maintain a physical distance of at least 2m from any other athletes and coaches during the session, when not engaged in on-court volleyball activities (including water breaks and on-court explanations).
  • Bags/equipment must be placed in an assigned space.
  • Bring only the minimum, including a large full water bottle. 
  • Come dressed ready to go on court except for your shoes as no change rooms will be available.
  • No sharing of personal items is permitted.
  • Athletes must carry your own hand sanitizer in your bag – you will be required to use hand sanitizer at every water break.
  • Participants must have closed containers (e.g. Ziploc bags) to allow for the safe disposal or storing of all hygienic materials (i.e. Kleenex, towels, etc).
  • Celebratory behaviours that do not adhere to physical distancing are not permitted (i.e. hand slapping, high fiving, etc).
  • Leave the gym immediately after your session through the designated exit for that facility.
  • Coaches are responsible to sanitize balls during training breaks and at the end of each training session.
  • All club equipment will be assigned to specific individuals. Coaches are to determine whether coaching staff will keep club equipment or whether it will be assigned to players. In either case, coaches must ensure proper sanitization of equipment.
e) Sickness and the Volleyball Court

If a player or coach is feeling unwell, has tested positive for COVID-19, is awaiting a COVID-19 test result, or has been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive/is awaiting a test result, the player must:
  • Not enter any training facility for a MAVS sanctioned event.
  • Self-isolate immediately and follow the direction of their local public health authority.
  • Follow public health rules before returning to volleyball:

i. If a negative COVID test result is received and you have no symptoms, no close contact with someone who tested positive and have not travelled outside of Canada, you are not required to continue to self-isolate and can return to volleyball

ii. If a negative COVID test result is received, but you have symptoms, have had close contact with someone who tested positive or you have travelled outside of Canada, Ottawa Public Health requires self-isolation to continue. You must contact the Oversight Committee to review your situation before returning to volleyball.

iii. If you receive a positive COVID test result, self-isolation must continue for 14 days from the date of your swab/date of symptoms starting AND until you are symptom free.

  • Report their illness and/or if they have received a positive result on a COVID-19 test, to their coach. If they were in a training event prior to feeling ill, once the coach is aware, s/he/they must also inform the facility where the training took place so that additional cleaning can take place.
  • Report to their coach that they have been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19.

If a player begins to feel unwell while at a training session or training facility, no matter how mild the symptoms, the player should immediately:

  • Tell his/her/their coach!
  • Wear non-medical masks or cloth face covering, maintain a physical distance of 2 metres (6ft) from others and go home immediately.
  • The player or coach should immediately call the player’s emergency contact to collect the player and safely go home.
  • Isolate the player, run your cleaning protocol immediately, have all other athletes sanitize hands – practice can continue.
  • While waiting for the player’s ride, they should leave the gym to safely wait for their parent or guardian.
  • Contact their family health practitioner or local public health authority to determine the next steps.

When a coach receives information that a player has tested positive for COVID, they must:

  • Report any athlete/participant confirmed COVID-19 cases to Mavs COVID Oversight Committee. The committee will maintain a tracking and closure sheet. Information will be used to ensure proper notifications and kept on file for 90 days;
  • Coach or MAVS Facilities Executive should inform the facility of the potential exposure;
  • Oversight Committee will follow up with families of suspected COVID-19 illness to understand what steps the family has taken to determine cause of illness and steps taken to follow Ottawa Public Health Guidelines;
  • Oversight Committee should immediately inform the OVA of confirmed COVID-19 cases;
  • Coach to inform other players in the training session that they may have been exposed and must self-isolate for 14 days or until otherwise notified, and follow OPH guidelines for testing;
  • Coaches must not share the name of the athlete/coach to protect the privacy of the individual;
  • Oversight Committee will provide the coach with an email template to use.

If a coach or athlete is notified by OPH that they are a “close contact’ of someone who has tested positive (this section was modified on 2 October 2020) :

  • The ‘close contact’ must inform their Coach immediately and follow all protocols listed above; If it is a coach, please contact Kerry MacLean;
  • The “close contact” must self-isolate immediately and follow OPH guidance;
  • Coach must notify the Oversight Committee to discuss the circumstances and determine next steps;
  • Oversight Committee will document the scenario to understand the nature of the close contact and will engage advice from OPH in determining the impacts/communication to the team involved.  Given the many different scenarios and considerations surrounding ‘close contacts’, a thorough review of each case is required;
  • Further practices for that training group will be ‘on pause’ until the Oversight Committee has communicated their recommendation.  This decision is not taken lightly, and the potential cancellation of any training event will be our top priority to attempt to resolve prior to an event.

Modification/restriction/postponing or canceling of club activities

  • Based on the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, the Club will follow public health, municipal/provincial government and sport recommendations regarding modifying/restricting/postponing or canceling activities;
  • Members should be aware that practices can be cancelled with minimal notice;
  • Cancellations will be communicated through TeamSnap by the coaches;
  • Currently, the Maverick Volleyball Club is proceeding on a month-to-month basis.
f) Non-compliance 

Players and parents who do not comply with the above Safety and Hygiene Protocols will be immediately removed from the training session, reported to the Maverick COVID-19 Oversight Committee. In addition, the player/parent will be required to re-read and confirm their understanding of the health and safety requirements. Further instances of non-compliance could result in the player being removed from the program for the rest of the season and fees paid to date will not be refunded.

3. Communication Plan

Maverick Volleyball Club is committed to ensuring that effective communication is taking place with their membership during the Return to Play Stages.
  • Communication of our Member Education and Safety Protocols as follows:
    – Posted on our website
    – Club-wide email through TeamSnap
    – Acknowledgement that all protocols have been read and understood is required by all members
    – Coach-specific training and communication
  • TeamSnap will be used as the primary source of communication (Club-wide and at the team level). TeamSnap is up-to-date with member contact information. Members are required to update their information if their details change.

4. COVID-19 Education Resources

Below are links to Government-approved information on ways to limit the spread of COVID-19.
Ontario Public Health Public Resources:
Ministry of Health – Ontario: COVID-19 Reference Document for Symptoms:
The following resources are also available on the Ontario Public Health website. Please ensure you are using the most up-to-date version of these tools by consulting the address above.
Hand Hygiene
Physical Distancing
How to Self-Monitor
When and How to Wear a Mask
How to Self-Isolate
Ontario COVID-19 Online Self-assessment Tool
Ottawa Public Health Contact Tracing:
Ottawa Public Health on Self-Isolation:
Being Active During COVID:

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