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Club News Story

Deposit info and Delay in Practice Start-up

2020 / 09 / 23

Due to the delay in opening the new Membership Registration System (MRS) we will have to pause in on court training for the short term. We will notify all coaches once the insurance policy that we have through the OVA applies to all team members and not just last year's.

This pause will give coaches and parents a chance to meet and plan as best we can for the upcoming season. Coaches may hold team meetings (preferably virtual) provided proper health precautions are followed.

Monday September 28th does mark the start of Capital Strength programs for those teams who have training in the schedule. The CSTS activity is on a separate insurance policy and as long each team member completes the CSTS waivers and COVID pledge form prior to beginning their first session. Note that only athletes and one team coach are allowed in the gym at CSTS at any time.

We want to encourage all members to report any potential contact or positive tests with their coach immediately upon recieving such information so as to allow us a chance to contact trace and inform other members appropriatly.

I have informed coaches to explain that the "non-Refundable" deposit ($350) is in fact only partially non-refundable. To this point the club has committed to certain season long licenses and purchases. If activity shuts down only those types of expenses will be non-refundable. Also it is likely that we will go on a month by month billing method so as not to over commit anyone financially. You will receive an end of month invoice for your team through team-snap.

Thanks for your support and understanding during these changing times.


“ There is always room at the top. ”
– Daneil Webster