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Club News Story

Year end thoughts

2018 / 06 / 04

Year end celebrations are a juxtaposition of both joy and sorrow. They are both a time of platitudes and gratitudes, messages of inspirartion and perspiration. Hopefully this past weekend you had a chance to find one or more of these feelings. As a group the Maverick Volleyball Club alway's reflect on ways to make them more memorable and fun with each event. I think this season we had a full serving of all these over the past weekend and I want to put to record some thoughts I may have expressed over the weekend and some that I overlooked.

To all players- you are the club both in heart and soul. If it were not for your choosing volleyball as your passion in being active and competitive we would not have the fuel that causes all of us to work so hard in delivering a better environment each season. Keep up this love not just now while you are young and groing but in the coming years as you become more proficient and knowledgible. As many have pointed out; your lifelong involvement in the sport is the ultimate end goal of our mission. If it is as a player at the next or top levels or even as a lifelong participant. A coach who gives back to the sport either with us or wherever your life takes you, even possibly as an official or organizer in the game. 

To all our coaches, we cannot thank you enough for your continued contributions both on and off the court. We value not only your experience but your thoughts on how and where we can pave a path to the future with the club. You are entrusted with the development of young people in more ways than physical skills on the court. In my mind their is no higher calling and gratifying reward. Thank you for everything you do.

WIth all of what we do it takes a group of positive and enthusiastic parents to not only provide and support our mission. You all enrich it by becoming fans of the game and club along with your child. Maverick Parents in all my experience get the message and deliver their belief with incredible enthusiasm and respect for the process.

To all our innovators and contributors who have helped make this a much richer and diverse season for the delivery of concept sand ideas that previously were only thoughts and discussions. In one season we saw the introduction and execution of so many new ifdeas.

Club wide training delivered by Leslie Irie and inspired by Bruce Dunning

Coaching development workshops and interactions by Frank St Denis

Year long training brought to us by the innovative approach of Nick Haince and CSTS 

Supplemental training on a personal basis through the Above and Beyond program of John Spack.

A fantastic learning and growing experience that was the Selects program designed and delivered by Nick Krawchuk in his return to the club as an active coach and innovator.

The amazing resource to coaches, parents and players that is the From the First Chair Podcasts inpired by Thierry Lavigne and Frank St Denis.

Our delivery of record numbers of tournament hosting which gave us so many home tournaments; coordinated by Chantale St Germain and provided by.the hard work of Sally Spack this was a banner year.

The roll out of such unique and defining uniforms inspired by our partnership with Team NIke and created by Chris MacLean with a definite Maverick brand and feel that made our teams stand out for more than just their great play.

Our new registration and payment system Amilia has made the collection and account of fees so much more efficient, it has so much more potential than we saw this season, it will be a game changer.

Our first ever Junior team BBQ and Beach Volleyball event which took over Max Volley on Saturday where players and parents alike took to the courts to have a great day of fun in the sun. Look for this idea to only get bigger and better each season.

All of this has me feeling like it should be time to exhale and relax. I guess we can do that for a while, but with the start up of the Beach club, Broaden Your Horizons, Summer HP training and competition for R6, Team O, Tall Maples, Youth and Junior National team... well you get the picture.

Once again I will thank each and every person who has contributed to this organization and for making the Maverick Volleyball Club both a destination and a journey. #mavsproud


“ On ne peut désirer ce qu'on ne connaît pas. You cannot desire what you do not know.  ”
– Voltaire