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Club News Story

Final OVA Weekend and more excitement

2018 / 04 / 30

On tap this weeked were 3 powerhouse divisions across both genders. 18u men and women along with the prestigious 16u girls tournament. (formerly refferred to as "Midget")

Our Mustangs came in highly touted as the number two seed in the event of only 8 teams. (A new look for the OVA as we'll discuss soon) The boys took care of business in methodically punishing results sweeping their 4 team pool + holding their seed. To their eventual dismay the other pool would not go according to script and after surviving a scare against Storm the guys would square off in a Rock-em Sock-em semifinal with Pakmen. This match was insirational to many of our younger girls teams, who I am told gave upon fun night out to return and watch! #mavsproud. In the end coach St-Denis was unable to pull the rabbit from the hat and it was off to the bronze game on Sunday. Now did I meniton that all playoff rounds were now 3/5 affairs, this was a novelty in and of itself but from this observers vantage point it was a pleasure to have opportunity and chance still in play for 3 or 4 sets. Winning only one of three 2 point differential set affairs in the bronze the guys finally crashed in the 4th losing 17-25. Heartbreakinig after being oh so close to a three set sweep.

The Broncos were also in the Div 1 Tier 1 event of 16 teams. Same format in a way, but the first day divided the teams into Tier 1 and Tier 2. For the battered Broncos, with ony the essential win over Fusion in pool play, Tier 2 was on tap. The girls came into the quarters and handed Etobicoke a 4 set convincing loss. However with bodies falling by the wayside the Broncos let two leads in the 20's slip away in the first two and fall in extra points in the third to lose against MVC. With the line-up down to the bare bones coach Melnick's team was no match for South County in their last one and finished 1-2 in the playoffs for 4th in thier tier.

Meanwhile the 16u division saw four events with Maverick teams in the top three. The BlackJacks were the lone entry in Div 1 and after consecutive 2-1 days out of the gate, these days would be the closest and most frustrating for coach Colin Walker. He was able to keep the 'Jacks head in the game until the T3 final. This would be the most contested bout yet, but the once again dreaded Pakmen 15u team would force our girls to settle for the the Silver Medal and again a 2-1 on the day -consistent is not what coach was hoping for in this regard.

Division 2 had both the Gamblers and Wildcards starting the event off at the top of their respective pools. However opening day can set your table and the Gamblers dropped only one while the Wildcards fell twice. That puts you behind the 8 ball in April and both teams; while they gave it their- all were unable to recover from day 1. The Wildcards came out 2-1 but again day three was 1 and done for both coach Wade and coach Joly.

Meanwhile in Div 3; I had a chance to watch first hand, another of our new Selects teams put on a display of skill and determination for coach Beaulieu et al. The Aces as they are officially known, took a 2-4 record into day three and won back to back playoof games putting them in the medal round of their tier. Unforunately it was not to be as they even fell to one of their earlier victims, Ancaster, in the bronze. From my observations and I think judging by the "rock on" hoodies sported by the coaching staff, the girls and parents came together amazingly this season. If anything they were definitely not "deer in the headlights" at any point; and after this weekend I would officially be an expert on that one.

As I mentioned I would be remiss if I didn't mention our two 16u all-stars and three 18u boys awardees whose faces were on display all around RIM this weekend. Kudos to 17u Ellie Hatashita (second in a row), Tristan Godmaire 16u, Jordan Canham 18u and also for the second season in a row Isaac Nesbitt and Max St Denis for their being chosen as OVA all-stars. Your teams solid foundations and coaches efforts were I am sure; part and parcel- along with your amazing skill, dedication and determination, factors in these accolades, we all win when one of the family succeeds. 

“ I've always made a total effort, even when the odds seemed entirely against me. I never quit trying; I never felt that I didn't have a chance to win.  ”
– Arnold Palmer