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Club News Story

Weekend #2 over and done.

2018 / 04 / 16

With the news of Saskatchewan on everyone's mind last week I assumed I would have a much more comfortable weekend of scoreboard watching and cheering vicariously from a distance. However mother Nature put a reality check on that Sunday as I held my breathe for everyone on the drive back through what the news channels portayed as a disaster in the making.

The weekend began in an atmosphere that must have made RIM Park feel like a church on a weekday. Friday was dedicated to only one gender and one age. 17u Girls, as with all girls divisions the club was represented in Division 1 by multiple teams. Meanwhile on Saturday the 12u girls started up and once again the Spurs were a D1 competitor on a mission.

At 17u Div 1 the GoldRush (#8), Eldorado (#17) and 16u BlackJacks (#27) made us the only club with 3 teams in the top 32 draw. Yet another impressive tribute to our athletes and coaches. 

The Eldorado led by Matt Monych made no mistake in seizing that opportunity playing some of their best volleyball this year moving to a top 10 finish when the dust settled. This team was on a mission to prove their worth and with big wins over top tier opponents like Georgian, Leaside and FCVC they cruised through the first day undefeated, on day two they opened with a win over the #11 seed Pakmen 16u which was enough to maintain their position, after falling to the Goldrush and Phoenix but the record was enough to keep them in T-2 still alive for that T1 Nationals Bid. Day three was their big move and they went back to their winning ways including retribution over Phoenix in the semis. The streak ended after falling in the finals to the Titans for a Silver Medal. In surveying the landscape this should put the Eldorado as the eigth seed from Ontario and good enough for that T1 bid we mentioned, where they plan to keep up the disruption.

A poor performance on day 1, losing 2 of three matches (#9 Preds and #1 Pakmen) the team was faced with an uphill climb, after going undefeated in pool on Day two the GoldRush came up short vs Defensa the eventual finalist in a T-1 play in match only to put them up against those same Titans takning down the GoldRush in a quarter final matchup, leaving them with a tie-13th and possibly on the outside looking in at Nationals.

The BlackJacks were busy using this event to prepare for their own Provincials in 1 week's time in T4 finishing 4th. As the dust settles the Eldorado look to have punched their ticket to Edmonton while the Goldrush are playing a numbers game that I have way too painful memories of from '08.

After all of that let's check in on the Wildcards who also were playing up for experience prior to 16u Prov's. In D2 the 'Cards were out of the gate perfectly each day but unfortunately all three days ended the same way. 8 matches with a 5-3 record is certainly a sign that the coaches made a good decision to make this journey.

At the 12u age group it was hard for me to tell who was more excited the parents or players for most of both groups this was their first experience at RIM and the volleyball didn't disappoint. The 12u age group has no promotion during the season so while the Spurs entered as the #25 seed, they in fact had not played many of the teams ahead of them. That became evident as they started with a win over the top seed in their pool and with a 2-1 record moved into the top 16. Day 2 began with a tight but close loss to prevent them from moving up to T1 but undaunted the girls rebounded with a win to place them in top 12. While some may be disappointed at what they saw as an opportunity missed this guy sees the beginning of what is going to be a long and winning road in the years to come.

Again I will close with the thoughts that no matter the outcome this weekend please keep in mind that your adventure is and will be a rich one and that those around you are filled with love and dedication. The "PROCESS" has and always will be the message and years from now we will look back and speak of the foundation. Take care of the seconds and the minutes and hours will take care of themselves.

“ The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club wont be worth a dime.  ”
– Babe Ruth