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Club News Story

First OC weekend in the books!!

2018 / 04 / 08

This weekend was kicked off with one of the largest draws on the championship slate. 15u girls with 108 teams competing. Including our four 15u teams  Scouts, Trailblazers, Stampede and Ambush) and two 14u PHP squads (Raiders and Outlaws).

Combined they had great moments and memories to look back on. Achievements like moving from 29th seed to 12th in your draw. Or winning 3 matches in a row with your back to the wall. Playing back to back late on a Friday night. Winning over your cross town rivals. This opening weekend had it all, upsets, nailbiters, heartbreak and both medal opportunities and medals won. I am not sure if I will survive three more like this.

For each team in this division we are proud, however we have to give a huge shout out to the 15u Ambush for their undefeated run to the finals and a Silver Medal performance, by far their best result of the season. Coach John Spack is no stranger to the finals and he tells us that to a person the girls did what they had to do, compete! For him each and everyone of his charges were pivotal in keeping the train on the rails through a long and grueling three day event with 7 matches against top 8 seeded opponents.

On the boys side the 14u age group is the only one where sheer numbers result in it having multiple divisions (18u Boys, but there's an asterisk on that one) this season and both our Bandits and Renegades were in the Div 1 draw. I remember too well when the 14u boys division across Ontario was 8 teams, this weekend there were 48!!

While the Renegades struggled on day 1 they got it going on Saturday stringing together wins. Meanwhile the Bandits, pulled a little slight of hand wizardry winning the ones that matter, and managed to maintain their top 8 standing. The final loss in the quarters was one of those heart breakers when you lose the match but win the point totals. (I think I will refer to these as "Hilary wins" in the future or would it be better to say their opponents pulled a "Trump on them!")

All and all; on a weekend where a community in Saskatchewan is torn apart by real loss, we are paused to reflect on all the hours you are on the road and the precariousness of your situation every weekend. If you played this weekend and are back home now safely, but you are not sure of where you are at in life or sport. Think somberly of those young men in Saskatchewan and give thanks for the grace you enjoy.

To the 15u and 14u players this weekend, be proud of your efforts and know that the journey is just underway. Please take the time to hug your parents and thank them for everything they do for you. Parents savour the moments you witnessed this weekend when your child took a risk and competed to the best of their ability. Wether they made a spectacular play or simply supported a teammate when they needed it the most. If they laughed and smiled, sung songs or just shared their feelings with their teammates. These are the moments that really matter when it is all said and done. The wins and losses are simply the fruits of our efforts, those of a tree with deep roots and strong branches able to hold the heaviest loads. The seasons will come and go, the games like the leaves will bud, grow and fall. But when we look at it all, the forest that is our teams and our club will be something we will remember fondly. It is my hope that your a stronger better person for taking a chance in September and joining our group and your future is safe and prosperous.

Is it here where I am supposed to put a Chuck Lorre like witism??

“ We all have ability. The difference is how we use it. ”
– Stevie Wonder