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Club News Story

Weekend Round Up- Revised details

2018 / 02 / 28

13u Girls

The Rattlers had a 50/50 draw in the pool during the start of the day finishing 2nd with both a win and a loss. They then decided to take coach John Salem on an emotional rollercoaster in the playoffs winning both the QF and SF in gutwrenching style. Both matches went the distance and finished in 15-13 squeakers for the girls. They liked torturing him so much they tried it again in the final however the Vision group from North Bay would spoil the fun by taking the third 15-11 in the Gold Medal match. Guess they didn't get the memo. Coach Salem is convinced the Rattlers have an allergy to gold taking yet another Silver Medal, might be beneficial to future husbands and boyfriends...JK

At the Trillium event in Kingston two teams took to the court and in the end the Sidewinders would take the Bronze medal over the Spurs but not without a fight.

From the Sidewinders perspective coach Sally Plows talked about playing on the edge as well. The Sidewinders would win the pool taking both matches on three by identical scores of 16-14. Taking advantage of opportunity, they decided to dispatch TItanium Grey in straight sets giving the coach's stomach a reprive. However in the semis the girls showed a lot of inconsistency and fell to a spunky 12u Durham team. The Bronze was redemption for them at the hands of their younger club mates their pool match was a very tight affair going the distance but at the end of the day it was a different story.

The Spurs also had  a breakthrough weekend, while finishing 3rd in their pool, they came in to the afternoon a different team. Blazing through the Northumberland Breakers and Peterborough Thunder they found themselves in strange territory, but nice. The butterflies were evident during both the Semis against Fusion 13u and then the Sidewinders as mentioned above. Coach Mohammed Shaheen was however pleased with the 4th place and especially the progress of this young team; they are getting ready for the upcoming provincials in Waterloo.

17u Girls-

At the Grand Prix in St Catharines, the Goldrush entered the event looking to move up from their placement, however injury and fatigue may have been more than even head coach John Nguyen could manage on the two day event. A final standing of 8th would discourage many of us but undaunted by the final result the coach feels the team is on track for making a splash at RIM park in April. Progress is the underlying belief and should everyone be healthy he is confident that this weekend proved they will be in the hunt.

In Thornhill, both the 17u Eldorado and 16u BlackJacks would end up on the Podium however both looking up at Scarborough the feeling is they are ready to strike.

Eldorado coach Matt Monych was both pleased and concerned with the day but the concern is over some small adjustments the team needs to make in getting over the hump in big matches, a problem we all face on occassion. Pool play and first two playoff rounds were the pleased portion as the team wasted no time or energy getting to the finals surviing only one close affair in the first set of the semi. This showed the veteran coach that the girls made a statement about their position in the group and preparedness for Provincials. The final may be that small concern, rebounding from a solid defeat in the first set they were able to force a third, howeveer not being able to capitalize on the momentum of the second, forced them in to an 11-15 Silver medal decision. Good placement going in to OC's where the heat will only get turned up for the three day event.

Also in Thornhill the 16u BlackJacks are showing that they have recovered from a January freeze. After winning their last 16u going away they came into this Championship event at 17u seeded 4th. They kept that standing but coach Colin Walker was not pleased with the lose to DRVC and how it went down. Rrgrouping for the afternoon starts at the top and Coach Walker knows how to get it done, stressing a return to their style of play the girls dispatched the 17u Black team in three with it being so close to a sweep. Then in the semis they took the eventual gold medal Titans to three losing by four. Back up against DRVC from pool play they came out flat and lost by 8, again back to the drawing board and motivational side coach Walker was able to squeeze out a narrow 25-23 win to force the third. Evidence of preparedness for the short set the girls controlled and took the Bronze medal by 4 in the deciding game.

Finally at 17u Trillium our 16u Wildcards came oh so close to the big one. Winning their pool quite handily over both Clarington and Titanium Black they entered the playoffs only to dust off the Prescott-Russell Pumas in straight sets and take an exciting semi final against rival 16u Pegasus. This put them square in the final ring looking at a Clarington team they had easily dispatch in the morning. Coach Aaron Wade is not certain that over confidence was an issue but as the BlackJacks proved, it is hard to beat a good team twice in the same day and the Grizzlies were set on proving this theory. Squeaking out a thrilling 31-29 opener the Grizzlies fell by four in the second forcing a third. Somehow they recovered more than the 'Cards and finished the match off leaving us with a Silver Medal by a 15-11 final score.

14u Boys 

The Bandits and Renegades both were off to the burgeoning metropolis of Uxbridge for a rare 12 team 4 court event. Having two teams of the same age group in a Premier is a rare feat anywhere but even more so on our boys side.

The Bandits had been to a Premier event already so there were no surprises to this group.The guys almost made off with the pool despite being seeded 7th. A heart breaking three set loss to Unity left them in their #7 spot and off to the afternoon. Here they would come across a pair of Pakmen teams and after dispatching Pakmen Black they fell in straight sets narrowly losing the second 23-25. This teasingly close game amy have been on the minds of coach Mike Spears charges as they were unable to regroup in the placement match falling in the third to the Predators a team they have had success with in the past.

Meanwhile the eyes were to be opened for the Renegades who were making their first appearance for coach Misha Nefedov in the big leagues. While a winless day could be something everyone could be down about the coach feels that the lessons learned here will be of huge benefit on the big stage in April. Again seeing the best at Provincials can be scary, they have seen the best now and have a month to get serious in the gym to be ready. On the plus side after losing the first set of their first playoff match, the guys were able to post a 23-25 loss, not a victory on the board but a sign that they may be closer than they think.

Now for the 16-18u HP boys in Penn.

The Rangers were first up on elimination Sunday and they had drawn Coastal VB Navy in the 8:00 am draw. They guys showed they were up for the match against the undefeated Navy winning the opening set by a 25-20 score, howeveer in a turnaround not unseen before the US squad upped their game and won the next two by 25-20 and 15-7 score making a long day for the Rangers to be supporters of the other two squads. 

The Mustangs also had an 8:00 am start but unlike the Rangers they didn't leave the event until 9:00pm the night before making for a short tunraround for coach Francois St-Denis band of warriors. Well they fared well despite the lack of sleep, dispatching both Yorktowne and Rochester Pace-Bootlegger in exciting fashion putting them into the semi finals against Forest City from London. While the 'Stangs have had their way with the boys in green and blue this season they use of the US rules seemed to make enough of a difference in the game and the Londoners were off to the final by scores of 19 and 24. A third place standing is and excellent result in a 42 team event by this guys standards.

The Longhorns had the luxury of beginning their day at a comfortable 11:15 start time but it didn't take long for the Richmond Virginia group to make the guys awfully uncomfortable dispatching them by 9 in the most lopsided loss of their season. Able to recover somewhat the 'Horns took the lead in the second only to squander it with uncommon mental error in choices, communitcation and excution errors that quickly let the air out of the bag and had the guys hopes dashed in the first round.

All in all three teams in the top 8 of a major US event showed well for both the club and the country, proud of how well everyone represented us while away from home.

“ I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure – which is: Try to please everybody. ”
– Herbert Bayard Swope