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Club News Story

Weekend Update

2018 / 02 / 05

The highest of results came at the 15u boys Premiere event where our Chargers were dominant on the road to claiming the Gold Medal. Coach Rainville's group set out to London this past weekend in an effort prove that an injury laden performance after the Christmas break was not the team the rest of Ontario should be expecting and they did just that. The Gold will help enure a top seeding at the final event before Provincials.

On the 15u front as well the Cavalry were in Stoufville at the championship level. As coach Claude Ferland puts it "the boys lost a golden opportunity to advance to Premiere" along with their brother team for the next event. Undefeated in pool play and winning two of three playoffs however is uaually something that leads to disappointment we have noticed. The key loss was to a stubborn Durham attck 14u boys team which left the guys scrambling for the bronze in the end. The win was a good sign for the coach adding "they showed their resiliency".

Also on the boys side our 13u Copperheads had their best performance of the season lead by coach Cam Milsap. The young team was able to replicate the performance of the Cavalry in so much as it ended with a Bronze medal. The difference is this team is thrilled with the result as it shows a steady line of progression from the start of the season and leads them toward OC's feeling good about their development. The 12u Lonestars the boys had a great tournament winning 3 games out of 4, they won their pool (Pool A) beating Phoenix Flare 13U, Markham Revolution 13U in 2 sets straight, unfortunately lost the quarter final to Barrie Elite 13U and were victorious Durham Attack Hybrid 13U in 3 sets to finish 5th over all. They played a fairly good tournament and everyone had some great moments where they showed good skill execution and great team work..

At 17u the Rangers were in tough at the Premier level and despite being relegated to championship for their next tournament a pair of match wins and some heartbreaking losses has coach Bruce Dunning believing that the group is capable of making a big noise at the end of the season again much like they did last year.

Over on the ladies side at the lone age group competing, it was once again a wake up call for the 18u Broncos as they made their second foray into Premiere this season and once again will find themselves relegated to Championship for the next event after an 0-8 performance which like the Rangers they felt several matches were just slightly out of their grasp. The group never quite found their stride at key moments in three of the 4 matches, and coach Linda Melnick feels there is some sould searching to be done if the team is going to make that jump to the upper echelon. Under the new format this group finds itself on the edge of Tier 1 OC's and needs to score a medal performance at the last event to lock down that stop. You don't have to go back very far to find that a ticket to the dance is all you need, what you do there can be outstanding.

“ The price of greatness is responsibility ”
– Sir Winston Churchill