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Club News Story

Light week in the gym

2017 / 11 / 20

So in Cornwall, which was within driving range but a late wake up prevented me from getting there. The 14u Desperados of coach Rose Bergeron were able to go through all but one team in the field without a hiccup. It was that one team, the host Vikings that put two dents in their day. Both in pool play and then in the finals, not to stress it is early and a Silver Medal performance meant the girls would move from Trillium up to Championship division for the next event. Also in Cornwall were the 13u Rattlers who used the day to get kinks and plans in order under head coach John Salem for next week's 13u event in Ottawa.

A little further up the road in Cassleman the 14u Outlaws and Raiders put on a great show at their first age group event. The Outlaws were on a perfect roll all the way to the finals when they met the #1 seed Evolution from Scarborough and had their first hiccup, if you call Silver a hiccup. Not to worry says coach Chico Tanguay, the season is long and we met our number one goal of moving to the new Selects division for the next event.

Speaking of reaching your goals the 14u Raiders with a win over Durham Red in their second match were able to secure a spot in the nest Championship level event where they will be joined by the Desperados. Coach Andy Slutier was happy with the progress both on the court and in remaining at the Championship level.

A little further from home the 18u Broncos suffered a painful loss in the Championship event in Toronto in the semi finals against cross town rival Fusion, a rebound win in the Bronze was good but not good enough for new Coach Linda Melnick as her girls will have to return to Championship division for the next event and do what it takes to move up for the next event.

Over to the boys side and here at CC Mer Bleue the 17u Rangers played in their first competition of any kind this season. The team struggled all day and only once came close to finding their rythym. Losing a heart wrenching third set quarter final to les Géants, a team to be reckoned with in the OVA this year. The Rangers rebounded to win their 5th place match but will have to wait for another day to move to the Premier level where this humble guy thinks they belong. Coach Bruce Dunning shrugged it off in his usual calm demeanour saying their is a long road ahead and his confidence in "another day" was reassuring.

Coach Tyler Legault and his 16u Bulls took this opportunity to get in an event to help prepare for their 16u debut in two weeks struggled early but played better and better all day long and finished their day with a battle with the only other 16u team Titans in the event.

“ On ne peut désirer ce qu'on ne connaît pas. You cannot desire what you do not know.  ”
– Voltaire