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Club News Story

Full slate this weekend

2017 / 11 / 13

Let's kick things off at the top. 

This was the opening weekend for the 15u girls and at the top of the heap was the 15u Ambush of Coach John Spack. They were the farthest travelling squad of the weekend, heading down the Highway of Heroes to Oshawa and the Select B tournament where the misson statement was put forward and this group did just what the coach ordered. A qualification for the premiere division which would be formed for the next event for veteran coach John Spack. Once the girls had qualified for the semis; the pressure was off and resting key players would be crucial for their injury recovery, even if it meant a lower seed in the next event. A price well paid in the wiley veteran's mind.

The 15u Stampede would rise to a single place marker higher in the championship level event held here in Ottawa at Pierre Savard by the Ottawa Fusion. The Bronze medal result will end up in the the Stampede remaing at the Championship level for next tournament, but veteran coach Pat Henderson knows that this is a marathon not a sprint and he will have the girls ready for the next phase.

Also at the 15u girls level Trillium H in Cassleman, there were no less than 3 squads suiting up for action. The number one seeded Traiblazers of coach Lee Reath slipped to a 4th place in the standings while the number 8 seeded Raiders of coach Andy Slutier move up to take the number 5 position. As with all coaches, the message is there in the results now it's about getting to work on the next phase.

However the biggest result of the day was the 14u Outlaws rounded up by coach Chico Tanguay, winning the day and a GOLD medal at this 15u event hosted by the 16u boys Longhorns. Now if that isnt a mash up of ages and genders I don't know what is. The win in the final was a vindication for the girls as they had lost the split with the plucky Noir et Or group out of Montreal during pool play.

Meanwhile on the boys side a return to OVA action for head coach MIke Spears and his 14u Bandits would see a silver Medal at the 14u boys Championship event in Cornwall. A tought third set loss to the rival Durham Attack group in the final was soothed over with a move up to premiere for their next event. Just a huge outcome for these young men to start the season and a great welcome back for the entire coaching staff.

At the same event the 14u Renegades under HC Mikhail Nefedov had a great day for their development with only two players having OVA experience prior to the event, coach Misha has high hopes for their climb up the ladder.

Our final entry on the monday report comes from the 13u girls who were on court in Kingston. The Rattlers and Sidewinders would have different results on the day of course, however the key moment of their fate was once again settled on opposite sides of the net. We always hate to see an all Maverick quarter final as it means the one team will have a result below the medal round. On this occassion it was the Rattlers of coach John Salem who proved victorious and while they would then fall in their quest at the semi-final level they did rebourn to win the Bronze medal. The Sidewinders were all involved in their tournament performance and will get back to work under coach Plows to move up the ladder now that the Rattlers will move to Championship level.

“ The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. ”
– Michelangelo