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Coaches Roster Complete

2017 / 08 / 31

 Maverick Head Coach List 2017-2018 Season

Girls Teams Team names Birthdate Eligibility Head Coach
12U Competitive Spurs 2006 or later Mohamed Shaheen
13U Competitive Rattlers 2005 or later John Salem
13U Competitive Sidewinders 2005 or later Sally Plows
14U pre HP Outlaws 2004 or later Christian Tanguay
14U pre HP Raiders 2004 or later Andy Sluiter
14U Competitive Desperados 2004 or later Rose Bergeron
15U Competitive Trailblazers 2003 or later Lee Reath
15U High Performance Ambush 2003 or later John Spack
15U High Performance Stampede 2003 or later Pat Henderson
16U Competitive Gamblers 2002 or later Victor Joly
16U High Performance Blackjacks 2002 or later Colin Walker
16U High Performance Wildcards 2002 or later Aaron Wade
17U High Performance Gold Rush 2001 or later John Nguyen
17U High Performance/Comp* Eldorado 2001 or later Matt Monych
18U High Performance Broncos 2000 or later Linda Melnick
Boys Teams Team names Birthdate Eligibility Head Coach
12U Competitive Lonestars 2006 or later Mohamed Shaheen
13U Competitive Copperheads 2005 or later Cameron Millsap
14U Competitive  Bandits 2004 or later Mike Spears
14U Competitive Renegades 2004 or later TBD
15U pre-HP Cavalry 2003 or later Paul Rainville
15U pre-HP Chargers 2003 or later Claude Ferland
16U High Performance/Comp* Bulls 2002 or later Tyler Legault
16U High Performance  Longhorns 2002 or later Kerry MacLean
17U High Performance Rangers 2001 or later Bruce Dunning
18U High Performance Mustangs 2000 or later Frank St-Denis

TBA: A parent coach has volunteered to coach however we will await the results of tryouts before assigning them to a team.

TBD: Coach required

* The club objective is to run these second teams under the high performance model should the coaches, athletes and parents choose that route for the season.

“ Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. ”
– Michael Jordan