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Club News Story

Coaches Needed for New Select League

2017 / 08 / 27

The Select league is a new initiative for 2017 that is designed to give more athletes in the girls 14-16u age category an improved chance to train and improve beyond the traditional try-out process. 

In the past 3 or 4 teams were selected at these age groups and those who were unsuccessful had no volleyball option going forward. At times that could be as many as 30 individuals in one age group alone. We would like to change that reality by allowing all athletes an opportunity to benefit from training and competition over an etended period of time.

The league would run two sessions per week with the first hour following a scheduled training theme that would then be applied in the second hour of the session. Twenty sessions of two hours will allow for those athletes who may not have been able to be noticed in a 6-8 hour period of large group try-outs. They will have a chance to show their ability to develop and train.The league will run in a junior and senior mode. Junior for 6-8 pm and Senior from 8-10 with 4 teams at each site. They will train and play vs a different group each week. Two of the sessions will be all day tournaments on the weekend to help lead the athletes and parents into the tournament format of competition that is the OVA.

When the sessions are near conclusion a second round of try-outs to form a 4th team to play in at least 3 competitions in the Ontario Volleyball Association from Jan 1 until April 30th.

Coaches will be required to follow the scheduled theme for the week during the training sessions and will facilitate the competition through officiating along with coaching. 

Each coach will recieve an honoraium for their time with the athletes, as well they may apply for the coaching staff of the select team for that age group.

If you think this level of commitment is something you would like to consider please contact

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