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Club News Story

New this season – 14-16u Girls Select league

2017 / 07 / 17

For the past three seasons we have been able to field 3 to 5 teams at each of the 14U, 15U and 16U girls’ age groups. We would start the season at Signing Day with four teams (HP1, HP2, Competitive A and Competitive B) and in some cases if coaches were available we would add a 4th and 5th team at the age group either shortly after Signing Day and/or after the Christmas Break.

Starting this season we will invite those who have not been selected to the three teams formed after tryouts to continue training and playing in the Maverick Select League.

Why just girls and at these age groups?

We would be very excited to offer the Maverick Select League at all ages and both genders however the reality is that the number of athletes at the other age groups and gender will not be able to support the league at this point.

What will that look like?

We will select during the tryout process the following girls’ teams:

14U Girls: Pre-HP 1, Pre-HP2 and Competitive 1

15U Girls: HP 1, HP 2 and Competitive 1

16U Girls: HP1, HP2 and Competive 1

We will invite the athletes not selected for those three teams in the respective age groups to join the Select League where they will train two nights a week under the guidance of an experienced coach and play matches amongst each other till the Christmas Break.

Shortly before the Christmas Break we will conduct tryouts for those interested in the Maverick Select Rep team and those athletes will compete in the OVA for the remainder of the OVA season.

It is our intention to run the Maverick Select League for the remainder of the season (end of April) for the athletes that have either opted to not try out for the Select Team or were not successful in being named to that team.

Why the change?

Two main reasons:

1.     We have the numbers to run a very successful and competitive Select League without the additional travel and associated financial commitments. With the figures below and based on the assumption that all athletes will choose the Maverick Select League we could potentially have 15 teams of 10 athletes each continuing to train and play locally.







Number of athletes trying out (Approximate 3 year average)










Number of athletes selected on three teams at the conclusion of the tryout season (Assume 11 per team)










Available for Select League





2.     Athlete and coaching development

There will be a Lead Coach for the program who will work with the new Club coaches to ensure that they learn the art and science of coaching without the pressure of having to manage a team right out of the gate.

For the athletes they will be able to develop skills without having the pressure of mastering a skill immediately for competition. Although the Select League will have teams competing against one another there will be no results or standings recorded thus eliminating the pressure and giving the athlete time to practice their skills in game.

What will be the cost?

The Club is a non-profit organization and budgets on a cost recovery basis and all participants will pay their proportionate share of the cost to run the program.

The costs once established will include:

·       Gym rental costs

·       Equipment costs (i.e. balls, ball carts)

·       Coaching honorariums

·       Proportionate share of Club overhead (i.e. Website, book keeping etc...)

·       Two training t-shirts

o   Option for athletes to purchase shorts/spandex, kneepads and socks

Easing into and/or trying volleyball as a sport

The Select League will allow the athlete and their family to train and play the sport and determine their level of commitment.

Over the years we have received feedback that the competitive volleyball season was too long (typically end of September to mid-May) especially for a family that has not yet developed a passion for the sport. The benefit of phasing in the season will allow those who are interested in trying volleyball to learn about the process and train without the pressure of having to commit to an 8-9 month season.

We are extremely excited about launching the Maverick Select League for the upcoming season!

For more information please contact:

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