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Club News Story

Maverick Multi-Sport Camp

2017 / 04 / 19

Young athletes can discover the joy of active play in a fun and positive environment with the new Maverick five-day multi-sport camp. Campers of any ability level or past experience insport are encouraged to participate in our dynamic 5 day camp. While working and engagingwith qualified coaches, leaders, and personal trainers, campers will develop key movement skills and athletic awareness, will learn the fundamentals of fitness and recovery, and will understand the importance of transferable movement skills throughout various sports and activities. Our goal is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle in youth by improving overall physical literacy and providing a positive experience which can motivate campers to continue engaging in physical activity throughout their lifetime.


Each day of camp, athletes will engage in five different sporting sessions. This will utilize the transferability of movement skills, while also providing an opportunity for athletes to discover a sport or activity that they are passionate about. We strive to inspire young athletes to pursue physical activity or sport by allowing them to engage in a multitude of sports in a fun social setting. Balance, agility, speed, endurance, strength, and hand eye co-ordination will be emphasized through the instruction of sports such as Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Tchoukball, Volleyball, Smashball, Soccer, Touch football, Badminton, Tennis and games of low organization (such as tag and territory defending/invasion sports like capture the flag). 


In addition to five sporting sessions daily, athletes will also be coached by enthusiastic and knowledgeable certified sports trainers with our partners at Capital Strength and Conditioning. These coaches will focus on teaching the fundamentals of fitness and mobility to provide campers with strategies to improve their performance in sport and activity and decrease the risk of injury.


Junior campers (Grades 2-4) will experience sports and activities that will aid in the development of critical physical literacy skills and awareness, such as hand-eye coordination, decision making, and intercepting objects on a level surface in sports like soccer, hockey, and broomball. Campers will also develop their ability to handle and manage an object while in motion, and learn to distribute it effectively to their teammates. Games of Low-Organization (GLO) such as various forms of tag and cooperative style games will develop communication and decision-making skills as well as general coordination, speed, and balance.


Senior campers (Grades 5 and up) will experience sports with a greater focus on projectiles, striking, and rebound skills involving more complex and rapid decision-making. Exposure to sports requiring more advanced coordination in a learning-based environment will allow athletes to develop their skills and confidence simultaneously. The refinement of general physical literacy required to play sports such as Ultimate Frisbee, Lacrosse, and Volleyball will lead to a significant increase in the enjoyment and proficiency in any sport. The senior campers will develop an appreciation for tactical play in territorial sports and games, including learning principles that apply across multiple sports, such as the “give and go” principle, or “moving to the open space”, and will grow an understanding for global or group movement in a playing area relative to an opposing group. Through GLO type activities, campers will learn to make use of their environment as well as their teammates, developing a heightened situational awareness that will transfer to any sport as well as life outside of sport.

The camp will emphasize balance, core training and integration, flexibility and mobility training on a daily basis to provide athletes with the skills necessary to succeed in sport and beyond. Repeat participants will have the benefit of progressive exercises and a more personalized fitness experience. 


Campers will be provided with an overall physical literacy report at the end of the session including personal strengths and weaknesses to serve as a guide for parents when selecting future activities.

Spaces are limited. Sign up today to help your child discover the joy of active play.

Please contact Kerry MacLean with any questions regarding the camp.

“ Whoever I am, or whatever I am doing, some kind of excellence is within my reach. ”
– John W. Gardner