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Club News Story

OC weekend 1 in the books and memories in hand.

2017 / 04 / 03

Beginning with the 17u age group the GoldRush went I. As a top eight seed and proceeded to prove that ranking by winning 2 of their Friday matches put them in the top 8 power pools. A tough Saturday and a late night early morning turnaround the girls fell in the challenge match. This tough loss meant they would now play for Div1 tier 2 honours. The ladies recovered enough to win the next round but dropped the semi to FCVC whom they hadn't defeated on day 1. Kudos to coach monych for getting the girls back off the mat and taking the Bronze vs DRVC. Net standing 11th and positioned to likely draw a spot at 17u Dic 1 Nationals. 

At 14u our Outlaws just snuck in to the top 16 draw to open the tournament. That level of success brings with it a very tough job to open the weekend. Facing #1,8 and 9 on day one brought with it the sober reality of being dropped to the bottom 16. Here the girls went to work and lead by the unflappble John Spack. The rebounded and ran the table to take the Div1 tier 3 gold position which is the best possible result after day one. Something tells me these girls will be back next season to prove a point. 

The 14u Raiders were also in Div 1 this weekend and while their journey wasn't so black and white they were able to claim the div 1  T4 bronze. 

meanwhile the Banditas and 13u Rattlers claimed Gold medals in each of their Sunday Tiers 

“ We all have ability. The difference is how we use it. ”
– Stevie Wonder