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Club News Story

Back to the regular craziness of the full OVA-Weekend Round-up

2017 / 02 / 27

Since I put their fabulous effort at home last weekend near the end of my report I thought it might be best to go top-down for this weekend.

The 18u Mustangs travelled a full 750 KM to Harrisbug PA and the Boys Atlantic North East bid event where 55 other teams were vying for a "bid" to the US National Championships. Several Canadian teams participate and often upset the apple cart in this process. The Mustangs would prove to be the biggest hurdle for all of them.

A team that left Canada and took illness and fatigue from their OVA silver medal weekend only 6 days earlier would enter this huge two day event and be challenged in more ways than one as it would turn out. Injury and a sharing of ilness would eventually whittle the team down to 7 available players and the journey would test their strength to the core. However lead by verteran coach Bruce Dunning and proving the developmental approach this group has been under for their entire career, players donned new hats and competed in positions not their usual or best and battled through to win it all. Great job Mustangs now recover and get ready for the next big event the GP in March.

Also on the circuit this weekend was the 16u boys division with our 15u Chargers in the Grand Prix event in St Catharines. This dominant team from their age group were about to get a lesson in playing at the premiere level an age group up. Coach Paul Gratton says the team was in every match as witnessed by their taking a set off each opponent save one. But not having the finishing power to win a match. Many lessons learned and the boys are eager to take them out on their age group at the next event.

The OVA cancelled the Championship level event at this age group so the local (region 6) teams got together to play a friendly 6 team event here in Ottawa and I am checking in on the Results.

At 13u the Copperhead boys were in Markham at an odd 11 team event and continued their winning way but were handed a lesson or two on what it will take to get over the hump in the future.

Wins over the 12u Lonestars and the Oakville Thunder were followed by a sound defeat at the hands of the home town Markham ThunderCats. A quarter finals match up with Dutham Attack gave the guys a chance at redemption for their defeat in the finals of the last event, something coaches MacLean and Lebreux were pleased with coming back after losing the first set. It was in the semis that the young vipers got their first taste of Pakmen dominance and were relegated to the broze game against Untiy, again a local Markham club. Here a straight set win gave the guys their third medal in three tournaments at 13u and will set them up well for Provincials.

The Lonestars are always in over their head. This team does not have an age group to play in and thus will always be the underdogs. However in their first match against the Copperheads they showed their pluck winning 5 of the first 6 points and leading all the way to 18 only to fall in the end but a light for coach Mohammed. That light would be brightest later in the day when the 'Stars won their first full set of the season against the Thunder of Oakville, an event that broguht smiles out in all of us.

On the Giirls side the 17u GoldRush were at the two day Grand Prix in St Catharines alongside the Chargers, a solid accomplishment on it's own to be in the top 8 in Ontario. These girls were coming off an incredible journey to the Nation's Capital last weekend (the other Nation...) and with 36 hours of travel in less than 7 days the fatigue was palpable. However they soldiered on and after a slow start in the first match and a half they started to show their abilities in a toguht 23-25 loss to Pakmen and then lose a three set affair to Leaside to end the day of pool play. On to Sunday and now in the consolation side they would once again fall to Halton and be forced to put their collective will togeter in a rare 3/5 match for 7th place. The 'Rush lead by newcomer MAtt Monych were solid in a stright set win over Markham and retain their 7th place seeding heading in to the OC's in April. Now members of this squad will be off to Ofsaa this week and more multi day volleyball action.

The 16u Wildcards hosted (with the help of the Rangers) a 17u Championship level event in Cassleman and found themselves in deep but ready for the competition. while described as "not a good day" by coach Tanguay he is hoping the 5th place finish will serve as a wake-up call for their upcoming 16u event this weekend. After a disappointing tight loss to the 17u Fusion they did extract a measure of revenge against the 16u Titans who beat them in three during pool to win the 5/7 match-up in straight sets.

Also at 17u Trillium were the Eldorado and Gamblers in Kingston, once again these two met in pool and the 17u Eldorado prevailed to win their pool. However they were unable to sustain that momentum into the quarters and fellin a tough three setter. They did rebound however to win the 5th place match in the end. The fate of the Gamblers is still out there....

At home the 14u Outlaws were hosted by the Raiders at CC Mer Bleu and both teams proved to be quite rude in their treatment of their guests actually... well on the scoreboard anyway. Both teams cruised along until the inveitable semi-final match-up again where the Outlaws perservered and went on to win the event while the Raiders recovered for the Bronze with the Scarborough Titans sandwiched in between. Scratching their way to Tier one OC's was the goal and while it looks good for the Outlaws the Raiders will have to see where the dust settles in all the other events.

Also on court at the Massive 14u age division were the Bandits, Rattlers, Rustlers and Desperados in Pembroke. The Desperados were the eventual champs with a tight final victory over the 13u Rattlers in an all Maverick affair. Still awaiting details....

“ The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. ”
– Michelangelo