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Club News Story

Weekend Round-Up

2017 / 02 / 06

Saturday was the day for the 17u boys, 16u Girls and 13u girls. 

The Rangers travelled to St Catharines and were fired up after their previous premiere Bronze to pay in a much tougher field this time around. They got what they expected rigth out of the chute. The 16u Storm RipTide were fresh off a win over their own 17u team and while the Rangers had them on the ropes for a 2-0 win the Aurora boys fought back to take the opening match and the pool. After recovering and also downing the 17u Storm our boys were set up with a tough quarterfinal match-up against Pakmen. However this once feared opponent has now felt the Rangers bite in consecutive tournaments falling again in three. That brought on #1 seed Durham and here the Rangers had to deal with a team that seemed to have no weakness. After falling in 2 our boys found themselves oppposite that same 16u Storm team and were able to exact revenge and repeat the Bronze standard at the Premiere level.

At 16u girls we had 6 teams competiting this weekend with the BlackJacks traveling to Burlington for Premier where they were 4th last time out. Well the 'Jacks came out a little flat with a late morning start in a 10 team event. losing their 1st tom matches made that previous 4th irrelevant as they now had long odds and tough terrain to cover. However John Nguyen's girls were out to prove they were for real and started to mow down the field taking down Ontario #4 south County and Ontario #1 Leaside in their R16 and 1/4 matches respectively. This put them back in the final 4 again and more importantly it guaranteed them a spot in the coveted Grand Prix event in March. The afternoon heroics ended at the hands of the defending National champions and home town Halton Hurricanes. Mirroring the boys performance once again they defeated the LVC from London in the Bronze.

At home were the Wildcards looking to parlay that comfortable sleep and lack of drive into a move to the unique select division for 16u girls. Coach Chico Tanguay's played his best hand of the season and cruised through into the finals where they were victorious and will move up and start heating up for the final competition before OC's. The day was however capped off with a bit of a revenge win over the 15u ON#3 Titans who earlier this year dealt the 'Cards a nasty hand. Some cleveer adjustments vs a scrappy Markham team and I think outstanding serving performance was likely a big part of the success.

Also close to home weree the Gamblers, Aces, Stampede and Ambush who made up almost 50% of the field out in Cassleman. This tournmanet was a definite region 6 event with teams from Ottawa, Rockland, Cornwall, Broackville, Pembroke and Kingston. The Gamblers had a rollercoaster morning with a 1-1-1  record which put them up against the OV Vikings in the R16 game which they handled convincingly. Now they had to deal with their own 15uHPStampede side. This one was a thriller to the end with the stampede thundering through to the medal round in 3. Coach Rose Bergeron was successful in getting the girls back on path with a win over the Pumas for 5th. No word from Alain Lepage's Aces yet.

As for the 15u HP teams, we know how the Stampede made it to the final 4.When arriving they came head to head with Pat Henderson's Ambush and an epic battle ensued which went the distance and furthered the rivalry between these two teams who trained together all last season. This time it was Stampede who pulled out the win but possibly coach Colin Walkers team was running low on energy after two hard fought all Maverick battles they fell in a heartbreaker to les Noir et Or from Montreal in a three set final. The Ambush went on to take the Bronze for another medal performance on the weekend.

Swithcing to Sunday and thankfully going down the road only as far as Georgetown (original location was to be Windsor) the 15u boys Chargers went on a tear and swept throught the field to win their premier level event and bring home the only Gold of the weekend. Coach Paul Gratton's charges had a tough semi with Pakmen and it was a character builder that may have taken them through the final as well. A late return home to Ottawa will have these boys a little sleepy but happy at school this morning.

 Here at home we find a well-earned silver medal for the Cavalry of Claude Ferland  at yesterday's 15U Championship event. The team experienced a bit of a slow start to the day, splitting all three pool play matches to finish 3rd. This meant a quarterfinal meeting against the Markham Unity team that had defeated them for 5th place at the last OVA event. The Cavalry found their groove in the playoff round, showing inspired play and tremendous defense while defeating both Markham and Ottawa Fusion in two sets. This led to a final against Leaside Thunder and an opportunity to move up to Premier at the next event. The team battled valiantly and showed more high quality play. Despite threatening to close a large gap and take the second set, the Cavalry had to settle for silver in a hard-fought final. Despite the disappointment, it's a result that bodes extremely well with one event left before Provincials.

And rounding it out I definitely know that our 13u girls were in Pembroke along with the 12u Spurs and that John Salem's Rattlers and the Sidewinders of Sally Plowes were successful in earning Silver and Bronze results which rounds out the number to 9. 
Great job all-round everyone and while I look forward to my first weekend off in 2017 next week I know that our 18u, 15u and even some 14u girls coaches, players and parents will be hard at it trying to keep this wheel rolling.

“ Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. ”
– W.W. Ziege