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Club News Story

Maverick “BROADEN Your HORIZON” Female Advanced Skills Sessions - PROGRAM IS FULL

2017 / 03 / 07


We are now accepting on-line Waiting List registrations. Complete all of the registration form but abort when you get to the "Buy Now" request. (The amount is $0, so it won't matter if you procede to PayPal before aborting)

There has been an overwhelming response for this type of program. We have, at least, had to temporarily close registration based on numbers. There may be openings available at a later date depending on venue size or any last minute cancellations.

Maverick “BROADEN Your HORIZON” Female Skills Sessions 2017


At the conclusion of every season, the Club is asked whether there are camps or developmental sessions available for our current athletes. The Club offers a wide array of developmental opportunities namely the Young Mavs programs and our Competitive Beach teams. To bridge the gap between our Beach and younger program development we brought in our Broaden Your Horizon program in the summer of 2016. Based on overwhelming positive response by both parent and athlete, we have decided to continue with the program this summer.

The “BROADEN Your HORIZON” skills development sessions will provide an opportunity for athletes to work on specific skills over an extended period of time, in an environment that promotes intensity, purpose and volume contacts combined with low athlete coach ratio. Focus will be on specific weaknesses of athletes as well giving them an opportunity to expand their individual skill set and “Broaden their Horizon”.


Broaden Your Horizons caters to female athletes, specifically those who will be looking to tryout for one of our High Performance or Pre-High Performance teams next September. To enhance the program quality, participation numbers will be limited and based on size of venue, 3 courts vs 2 courts and number of coaches.          

Birth years 2003 – 2000: Targeting these particular birth years

Birth years 2004: Select spots may be available if we run a Pre- 14UHP Program. TBD

Limited space will be available to keep the instructor-to-athlete ratio low. We reserve the right to limit our registration and make selections based on the best fit for our program.

Head Clinicians:

  • John Spack, Level III (in progress), 26 years of experience coaching male and female athletes of all ages.

  •  John Nguyen, Level II, 17 years of experience coaching males and females of all ages.

Since 2009, these two clinicians have helped to develop:

  • 20 athletes playing or played in the CIS/CCAA/ NCAA

  • 15 athletes named to Team Ontario

  • 3 recipients of Quest for Gold funding

  • 3 athletes named to the Junior National Team

  • 3 athletes named to the Senior Women’s “B” team

  • 1 athlete named to the Senior Women’s “A” team

Senior Clinicians:

Current and former coaches.

Assistant Clinicians:
Current and former CIS/CCAA/NCAA athletes – to be named once registration numbers are confirmed.

When / Where?

Program will run in the evenings from first week of July to third week of August, 7 weeks total. Specific location and times TBA once we fine tune details of program. The program will run 4 nights a week, Monday through Thursday with registration choice option to select 3 of those days. The reason for the evening program is to avoid conflict with our day camps, Competitive Beach, and Strength and Conditioning programs.


Athletes will be able to choose 3 nights from 4 nights offered:

  1. Three training sessions per week at a cost of $380 for the summer (42 total hours of instruction, approx. $9 per hour). This is the ideal scenario as it provides important volume which is essential for skill acquisition and retention.

This program is budgeted to break even. Since it’s still unknown which venue and number of courts we’ll have, this will influence the number of registrants accepted. Last year we ran 2 courts with 30 athletes. A decision may be made to run the program with fewer athletes than minimum required, however the costs may increase per athlete if the break even number is not achieved. By registering below, you acknowledge that there may be a slight increase in the registration fees if less than the minimum number of athletes register and the Club decides to run the program. Last year we met and exceeded the minimum.

Click Here to Register on waiting list

There is no chanrge to be added to the waiting list, but you will have to complete all of the information. Registeration is open (location still to be finalized).

We reserve the right to limit our registration numbers and make selections based on a best fit for our program. Successful applicants will be notified as soon as possible and those not accepted will be reimbursed in full.


Please feel you can contact me at if you have questions.

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