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Club News Story

Bronze age weekend

2017 / 01 / 09

Coming off the Christmas Holiday period and playing in an event with little to no practice is not the best scenario that a coach or player can conceive of but this season several age groups were forced into that reality.

Beginning here at home in the spacious surrounding of Monpetit Hall (University of Ottawa) the 17u Rangers were able to shake off the rust very quickly and surprise the FCVC 17u Green with a lopsided straigt set opening win for 2017. A hotly contested 3 set loss to the might Pakmen group from Mississauga set the boys up for immediate redemption vs the 17u BLack version of the same Pakmen group. A sloopy first set put the Rangers in jeapordy but they rebounded to win the next two and book a date with Durham Attack, the defending National Champions. 

A long break waiting for this match to start lead to even more sloppy play on the part of the Rangers and a very lopsided loss left everyone wondering if they were truly meant to be in the top 4. Well those questions were easily laid to rest in the Bronze match with the squad winning the second set by a large margin after being denied the first on a contraversial play. Still there would be the third and the Rangers set out to seize the moment and lead wire to wire for a huge first time ever win over Pakmen Gold for this group and a first ever Premiere medal.

Great job boys and many thanks to the 16u BlackJacks and the U of O Gee Gees for their incredible work in helping make the event first class.

Meanwhile down the 401 and QEW the Chargers 15u boys were competining in the Premiere divsion as well. This event too was hosted at a University site giving these young thoroughbreds a look at the next level facilities there.

The Chargers pool play results were not pretty with a 1st place standing despite making it ruff in the process. Their quarter final was ear-marked as an easier one but it turned out to be anyhing but. Never the less a win placed them in the semis against Forest City and they had triple match point only to let it slip away. FCVC went on to win the event after wriggling out of that situation.

The Chargers went on to win the bronze in straight sets vs the host Rapids a solid result for this group but one that leaves them eager for their next event to set the record right.

Also competing this past weekend were the 15u Cavalry, this group headed North from the 401 to Barrie. A solid morning meant a pool win and excellent seed going in to playoffs, but is was laid to waste in the afternoon as straight losses put the group in 7th. After this weekend I am sure no 15u teams are eager to meet up with a Mavs squad bent on proving their true worth in the next event.

Also on the road this past weekend were the 18u Mustangs and 17u Goldrush at CEGEP du Limolou in Quebec city to try their luck against some of the best college teams in eastern Canada.

There has been no word from the Goldrush but the Mustangs posted a respectable 2-2 record in 4 best of 5 matches were the two losses were by the slimmest of margins in the 4th and 5th sets each.

The 13u Copperheads elected to sit this one out with it's close proximity to the holidays and the inexperience of the players both coaches and parents decided to switch to the next 14u event.

“ Champions keep playing until they get it right. ”
– Billie Jean King