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Club News Story

Sizing & Signing Day Schedule

2016 / 09 / 24

Location  Louis-Riel High School - 1655 Bearbrook Rd, Gloucester, ON


Sizing Rooms Team Wear Signing
Girls change Room Girls change room Visitors change room Cafeteria Agora
13:00 16U HP G Blackjacks (John N) 16U HP Girls Wildcards (Chico)      
13:15 15U HP G Ambush (Pat) 15U HP G Stampede (Colin) 18U HP B Mustangs (Bruce)   14U comp Girls (Mikhail & Lee)
13:30 14U PHP G Outlaws (John Spack) 14U PHP G Raiders (Andy) 16U HP B Longhorns (Frank)
15U comp Girls (Yannick & Richard)
13:45 15U G Trailblazers (Richard) 15U G (team 5) 15U PHP B Chargers (Paul G) 16U Girls (Rose & Alain)
14:00 15U G Scouts (Yannick) 14U G Banditas (Lee) 15U PHP B Cavalry (Claude) 14U Boys 2 teams (Paul R)
14:15 16U G Gamblers (Rose) 14U G Desperados (Mikhail) 14U B -2 teams (Paul R /Simon/Nic) 15U/16U Boys (Mitch/Joel)
14:30 16U G Aces (Alain) 17U G Eldorado (Aaron) 15U/16U B (Mitch/Joel) 12U & 13U boys (Moe & Dan)
14:45 13U G Rattlers (John Salem) 13U G Sidewinders (Sally) 12U - 13U B(Moe & Dan) 12U Girls (Moe)
15:00 18U HP G Broncos (Judi) 17U HP G GoldRush (Nick) 17U HP B Rangers (Kerry)  

12U G (Moe)


Access to girls change room is in hallway leading to gym.

Access to visitors change room is in main hallway beside the gym

Cafeteria is on the right of Agora

 Agora is the big hallway of the main entrance



  • All players are requested to bring their new tryout t-shirt and their jerseys from last season in order to assure they still fit and don't need to be reordered.
  • All new players to the Maverick Club, that did not play last season, will be required to provide a copy of proof of age (birth certificate or valid passport accepted).
  • Uniform sizing consists of t-shirt, jerseys, shorts only. NOTE 12U/13U teams will only size t-shirt and shorts.
  • Team wear is an option for team to order, by default we need to size all HP teams for warm up jackets, pants and longsleeve, each team will have a week to decide if they are going with a team order or not.
  • Signing consists of payment, copy of proof of DOB (birth certificat or passport copy) and filled in OVA form to become a Maverick. Simply had in to your Coach on Saturday and they will hand it all at once to Club Registrar.

“ You're the only one who can make the difference. Whatever your dream is, go for it. ”
– Earvin Magic Johnson