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Club News Story

14u BANDITS claim National Championship

2016 / 05 / 09

To run the table and win a National Championship with only a single set lossover three days is quite the accomplishment. To not lose a set in the playoffs is remarkable.

When I had the chance to watch these young men looked as if they were on a mission, the focus and determination was beyond their youthful level of experience. If it coul dbe bottled and sold I know we would all be stringer for it.

Usually I find that when I arrive courtside the tide turns against our teams. Some coaches even tell me to not bother coming to their playoff matches. Well this weekend I thought that owuld continue as I dropped in on the Bandits during that single loss. However as the weekend went on I found that I could enjoy the show put on by these yong men as they dominated the field. I even? entered the final down 1-5 only to see them storm back to win in straight sets. Curse?....what Curse?

I certainly felt both a sense of pride and deja vu for the Gratton/Curley family as they relived a National championship with a participant on the court at Carleton dominating the match. 

I also felt a sense of serenity as I watched an old friend pace back and forth as his team moved closer and closer to destiny. It seemed both familiar and akward all at once.

In the end the National tournament finished with a gloden glow for these boys and their families.

Congratualtions to all.

“ Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of quality; the other, a matter of time. ”
– Marabel Morgan