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Club News Story

Rustlers host 4 fun tournament

2016 / 04 / 12

This is the second season that the club has formed a new team post try-outs, we think we might be on to something. The Rustlers as they were christened is made up of young ladies who came to the club in late Dec from either the Young Mavs Programs or word of mouth. Despite their late start in the year we see that the coaches and players have been working hard as they competed toe-to-toe with other Maverick teams and teams from Kingston and Cornwall.

The idea of a new team was to provide an opportunity for girls who may have missed the try-out window or were not selected at that time to give club volleyball a trial run with a group that would train twice per week but not compete in the OVA. Competition for them would be purely exhibition in nature and on a schedule that suits their needs. So far the results have been great.

Coaches Jennie Esnard and Moraine Williams have come to us with years of coaching experience in multiple sports and jumped at the chance to emrace this challenege. Prepare players for next seasons open try-outs in a team setting with limited competition but ample training. Well on Sunday at CC Samuel Genest they got the chance to show everyone what's been happening. While we did not keep score on paper or even post a results board to encourage coachces to give all their charges plenty of playing time before either Provincials (13u teams) or Nationals (14u)

I will tell you that what I was able to witness was a first rate group that was well disciplined, understood the game well and competed at a high level for their short time together. I do know that they split their first two matches in sets but displayed a lot of heart and talent in doing so.

Coangrats to the coaches, players and parents alike you are all great representatives of the Maverick Volleyball Club.

The girls will continue to train as we look for another event to enter them in and then they will take to the beach to extend their training to that venue.  #mavsproud

“ It's not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference. ”
– Paul "Bear" Bryant