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Club News Story

GrandPrix #2 results.

2016 / 02 / 28

The 17u Rangers had been on a Medal tear lately with a silver in their last 18u Premiere event and a Gold at their own 17u Grand prix last week. This weekend started out as they left off with a win over the Mustangs by the slimmest of margins. From there on out it seemed the boys were always on the verge of a win but let the next 4 matches all slip away. If I know coach Bruce Dunning there was a plan with this being a non age group competition for his squad.

Meanwhile the 18u Mustangs were left trying to get their game on during the first day of the two day event in Stratford. A three set loss to archrival Storm gave coach Frank St Denis so optimism that this team had the potential. Following that with a 3 set win over the eventual 1st place Titans gave them hope during the overnight regroup. Well that re-group was a huge success with the guys putting on a display Sunday of the ir best volleyball this season. Huge wins over LVC fire in the pre-quarters and then a win in the re-match with Storm would bring about a semifinal showdown with the always lethal Pakmen Gold squad.

The ‘Stangs jumped out on the Mississauga based team with a first set win by a 25-22 margin. (This was the third time in three years we have pulled that off…would this one be the charm as they say). Well obviously the Black and Yellow clad team got the wake-up call and answered with a resound 25-10 beat down of our boys. Bring on the third set again. However this one would not be a continuation of the second but more of a controlled dominance by our side for the first 22 points. The 11- score had everyone tense but then a pair of serving aces by Ben Mortimore had the Mustangs with in 2 of a huge upset and a solid 13-9 lead. A face time appearance by yours truly obviously upset the apple cart  because then the board stopped flashing and the Yellow sphere got hungry again bringing the score to 13-12 before coach St Denis called a time out., However opportunities at 14-13 and 15-14 for the Mustang win would just get away and that Pakman team finally caught up to Blinky (or was it Stinky) and gobbled up that last three points (8 of the last 10) to steal yet another win. By far the closest our guys have ever come to slaying their age group’s goliath. Here is where credit has to go to the coaches, because after a loss like that it would be easy to be distracted and feel bad but the coaches got the guys off the mat and won the Bronze with a 3 set victory over the Titans Nemisis team that they have battled so many time these past two seasons. Great work on the day everyone, let’s take this performance and energy into Waterloo in a month’s time guys.

Also in Stratford were the 18u Bronco’s who qualified as the 7th seed of the girls GrandPrix event and went to work immediately on changing that vantage point. These pesky ladies quickly took care of both the 2nd seeded Pakmen and 3rd seeded Phoenix a team they had lost their National Bronze medal to only a year ago in Calgary. Nice job at redemption if I say so my self.

However something must have changed and we are not sure what. With the final match of the day being irrelevant  (first place wrapped up) against the number 6 seeded Storm team from Aurora who had yet to record a win. The description of the team’s performance let’s just say cannot be published here and suffice it to say the coaching staff was not pleased. However the silver lining was the steal of the top spot in the pool and a nice comfortable morning with their first match Sunday being at 13:30 the next day.
That day was a different one for sure and maybe the extra rest may have been not what the doctor ordered, because Sunday was not a funday for our girls and coaches. Losses over teams that we had beaten on day one (Storm and Phoenix) undid all the good stuff from Saturday for some. Looking on the brighter side once again (I try my best to do that) we see a 4th place finish at the final premiere event of the season and a great way to move into the 2016 Championship season. All of us will be looking forward to any tricks that veteran coach Colin Walker has up his sleeve as he takes this group into it’s final Provincials. More excitingly than that of course is the fact that this team will soon be winging it to Montpellier, France for a week long training camp alongside the best youth players France has to offer. I can’t decide if I am jealous or just anxious to find out how this works out for our team. We may be on the verge of something huge with talk of training camps in Italy as well for next season. Could we be going Global!! Stay tuned… not to the TV station but to this website.  ;-)

Bring on the 16u Grandprix and Coach Spack’s turn in the spotlight.

“ It's not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference. ”
– Paul "Bear" Bryant