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Club News Story

Super Weekend

2016 / 02 / 09

 The 13u Girls were in Kingston for their event. The Rattlers and Sidewinders found themselves in tough for their third event. The Sidewinders  of coach Andy Slutier again saw great progress in the style of play and had landmark performances from individuals. So many of us forget about the huge moment when a player reaches a first in performing a skill, to do so in competition in front of family and friends can easily be the start of a new era for those players. The Rattlers are yet to check in, must be snake-bitten.

For the 14u boys division we see the first split in calibre for the teams. The Bandits were in Oshawa for the first Premier event of their career, while Coach Ducharme’s Renegades were in Kingston hoping for a shot at moving up for the final event.

Coach Paul Gratton’s Bandits had won their first two events but this time there were other teams who have won tournaments as well, and the level of competition much higher than in the past. As they learned very quickly you need to be prepared for every opponent. A win in their first match vs Leaside was a repeat performance and in their comfort zone but losses to Storm and Sky put them in the match for 5th place vs Forest City and they handled them in straight sets. In coach Graton’s eyes this was an opportunity that got away but at least they will return to Premier for their final event and get a chance to set things straight.

The Renegades worked their way to the medal round in Kingston but a three set loss to the Ottawa Fusion 14u team forced them into the bronze and dashed their goal of making it to Premiere. The group will work at getting that elusive first win in their final shot, for now they captured the Bronze and ended their day on an up note.

In Coburg the 15u Chargers  were competing in the Championship level event at the Coburg CC. Coach Mike Spears Chargers were testing the 16u waters for the first time and competed exceptionally well. Their first set was a tough 24-26 loss to the Scarborough Titans slipping a little in the second they fell two straight. Switching venues they guys came up short against the Durham Red 16u team as well. But upon their return to the CC the guys got it together and beat the Durham 15u Black team in the first 25-23 only to drop the second by an identical score. That loss put them in a play in against Kingston Pegasus 16u. A well fought battle was for naught and the guys were forced to play for 9th/10th vs the Markham Wildcats. What might have seemed a long day for the Chargers actually finished on the best of notes with a three set victory in the last match. As with any team playing up an age group this is about the experience and for these young men the experience was worth it.

Also in Coburg were the Longhorns, relegated to Championship after the first Premier event the guys set out on a mission to earn their eway back to the top level. All day team Kerry MacLean’s squad punished teams with upbeat and steady pressure leading to very lopsided scores in at least on set of every match and posted a 9 set winning streak into the finals. It was there that they met their rivals the Ottawa Fusion. That 9th was the most gratifying as the ‘Horns stole the set from the 23-24 disadvantage with a huge Kill by Tristan Lemire and consecutive stuff blocks by Jordan Canham to finish the set out 26-24. However the magic of that comeback came to an end as the group switched sides they looked more like deer in headlights that a team on a mission. Allowing the momentum to slip away the Fusion group became more like a snowball heading downhill and growing fast into an avalanche. A weak effort in the third set by our guys and the goal was removed from our grasp and replaced with a silver medal. Now as with others it is a numbers game to see where we will be next and final tournament.

“ It's not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference. ”
– Paul "Bear" Bryant