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Club News Story

Happy New Year...

2016 / 01 / 10

On the road again and incredibly successful were the 14u boys teams. Off to Unionville the Bandits and Reengades were out to concquer the field and they almost succeeded. The Bandits went on to claim their second Gold Medal with and undefeated performance that defied the odds when you consider that the opposition is already into complicated team systems and Coach Paul Gratton still uses a 6-0 system whereby all players must play all positions. Seems to be a golden formula.

Coach Sylvain Ducharme and his Renegades were also hot on the heels of the Bandits, so hot in fact they got burnt a little by their compatriots in the semi-fninals. A great moment to see two Maverick teams in the final 4 anytime, these boys are making a habit of being in the mix right until the last match of the day. The Renegades fell in the bronze match to the Leaside team from Toronto in what is shaping up to be a rivalry to watch.

At the 16u boys level the Longhorns got an early taste of the Premiere level and the delicate balance that comes with 9 teams that are all at the top of their games. To open the day the 'Horns lost the rematch of the final of their last tournament to Durham Attack with mirror scores of 17-25. However the guys rebounded to win the net set against the Storm Inferno group from Aurora. While things looked totally in control they were about to take a turn for the worse. A second set loss would be the ultimate downfall of the team despite winning the third set handily. After the match vetran coach Kerry MacLean felt second in the pool was well in hand after Durham dealt a punishing 25-10 loss to the storm. However that set would prove to be the pool clincher for DA and they would let up on the throttle and fall in three to the Storm. This put the Longhorns inot third and set up a date with the ultimate champions PakMen from Toronto. Adding insult to injury the team could not rebound from this turn and lost their place in Premiere with a three set loss to Forest City from London. The silver lining is we may have a date nearer to home for the next event in championship. This weekend the 'horns hope to get back in the winning mode as they head stateside for the Rochester CanAm.

The 17u and 18u boys teams both ventured to Quebec City to train with the Titams de Limolou and work under the watchful eye of Lavel Coach Pascal Clement. The teams also had a chance to compete with top College teams from Quebec and the Atlantic. Both the Mustangs and the Rangers will also be travelling to Rochester next weekend to try to make some hay south of the border.

On the girls side we had yet another golden performance by one of our younger squads. The 13u Rattlers were in Peterborough to play their tournament and the group was bolstered by the addition of long time Mav, Nicole Salem to the coaching staff. Nicole and Coach John had the girls dedicated to one thought for the day...execution... this mantra would lead them to overcome a slow start in their first match and move on to bigger and better wins with each round. Losing the first set against Durham they responded with a huge three set win and carried that trhough victories over both Pegasus and the Ottawa Fusion to put them in the final four for the first time in the brief careers. Here they wasted no time Executing like a well oiled machine winning both the Semis against the host Thunder and the Final against the Revolution from Markham in very decisive scores. The power of the mind and the force that comes from a group all on the same page is an amazing things and we are hoping this is just the start of great things from these youngsters.

Over in Gatineau coach Rose had her Trailblazers putting the heat on the competition in an excellent performance we are waiting for a summary of the events and will update you shortly.


“ Don't bunt. Aim out of the ballpark. ”
– David Ogilvy