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Club News Story

Hola, este la rodear fin de la semenana

2015 / 03 / 02

15 u Spurs

Just a quick note to let you know the 15UG Spurs won gold today in Cornwall. We beat Puma Black in the finals 2-0. 


13U Girls Maverick Rattlers


The 13U Girls Bugarski Cup – Trillilum D brought nail biting wins and a few heart breaking losses for the Maverick Rattlers at Queen’s University on February 28th.  The OVA tournament hosted nine teams from the region with the Maverick and Galaxy clubs proving two teams each for this event.

In Coach Rob’s absence, Mitchell Sweet stepped up as Head Coach.  He did a fantastic job.  His positive attitude and enthusiasm was evident and appreciated by all.

The lion’s share of the Rattler’s games ended with close scoring matches whilst a few of those matches went far beyond third, fourth, and fifth tying points.  The first match saw a third tie-breaking game with the seesaw activity for dominance ending in a Rattlers loss to the Galaxy Jets.

The heart breaking third round loss was begrudgingly given to the Markham Revolution, which saw the Rattlers being knocked out of the medal contention rounds, but due to the Rattler’s domineering second round victory against the Phoenix Sparks they had earned a buy into the fifth place finals.

The Rattler’s fourth match for the fifth place saw them face off against their sister Maverick team the Sidewinders.  Although some would argue this made the snake whole and parents were overheard jokingly agreeing to hold the match on Sunday and mail in the results, the two teams brought their all for this final match, taking it again to a third tie-breaking game with numerous game tying points seen in this and the preceding game ending with a Rattler win and many tired Ottawa volleyball players.



13U Girls Maverick Sidewinders


Queen’s University saw the 13U Girls Sidewinders handily win their pool defeating Ottawa Fusion and Toronto Galaxy Space Invaders.  This was a first for the girls and Coach Gary.  The months of practice and improvement in team play was obvious and great to watch.  The girls are getting it together on the court and enjoying their time playing volleyball.

The possibility of entering the medal round was lost to Phoenix Spark.  Any other day, we could have taken that match, so off we went to the consolation round to defeat Pegasus easily. 

5th place match was the Sidewinders in the “snake pit” against our other half – the Rattlers.

Our girls gave an amazing performance in the three set loss, as coaches - father (Gary Sweet with the Sidewinders) and son (Mitchell with the Rattlers) faced off against each other. The second set took 66 points to see our girls’ win 34-32 in the most exciting set of the day for sure.  The 15-13 loss certainly showed how comparable our teams are and how exciting this game can be!

“ We all have ability. The difference is how we use it. ”
– Stevie Wonder