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Club News Story

Weekend Round-up

2015 / 01 / 26

Let's get right to the good stuff. Our 15u Wildcards boys team had been struggling this season in finding their consistency to say the least. Rocked right out of try-outs the team was instantly in a rebuilding mode from the get go. A slow start in the OVA with a 7th place finish at the first tournament indicated that the road would be bumpy. However they rebounded with a good showing at the next event winning Bronze. Over the break the team took to the courts in Gatineau and finished last in a Quebec event showing signs of disarray. Well the rollercoaster hit the highest peak so far this season as the group travelled to Markham  and won the 15u Championship event this weekend with an undefeated record and the GOLD MEDAL, but more importantly a trip to the premiere division for the tournament prior to the Ontario Championships. Great job by all including coaches Shteinman and Beaulieu.

Meanwhile here at home 4 Maverick (16u Trailblazers, Derringers and 15u Ambush and Stampede) teams got to sleep in their own beds the night before as the Trillium event was held here at ESP De Lasalle.

Meanwhile the whirl and buzz here was all around the appearance of the 16u Grizzlis, a Boucherville, Quebec based team that was seeded 9th coming in and to those in the know was a serious contender for the title at this event. The Ontario Volleyball Association has a long history with open registration for teams outside the province however there has been very little of this happening lately since the tiering of tournaments means any such team would have to start in the Trillium division. Not the competition level that many who used to take advantage of this would feel worthy of their travel. But none the less this Boucherville team did want a taste of Ontario action and they came ready to play. Seeded 9th they technically upset the whole draw as they won the tournament in fine fashion. 

Combine this with a concern over the OVA seeding decision that caused confusion over the placement of both the Trailblazers and the Stampede.The resulting ripple effect caused a greal deal of upset when our 16u Trailblazers eneded up running into the Boucherville Bears in a semi-final showdown and came up short, denied a chance to move to Championship by a non Ontario team was upsetting. They did however go on to win the Bronze and finish the tournament with a little consolation.

The Stampede who benefited from the seed confusion struggled all day and finished with a 7th place standing. While the Ambush were able to fight their way to a four place spot an age group up. 

The Derringers played some good volleyball this weekend, but lost tothe eventual finalists in the Quarter Finals.  The team bounced back with an easy win for their 2nd consecutive fifth place finish.  The team looks forward to playing in Capital Hill Volleyball Classic in two weeks time! (From the look of the make up of the draw this past weekend they also just played in another Capital classic)

While all of this was unfolding our 16u Outlaws HP were competing in Kingston at the Championship level with their eyes set on the prize of a move to premiere at the end of the rainbow. A sluggish start was not what the coaches were looking for but the team was able to pull out a three set victory over hometown Pegasus. Not so fourtunate in the second match the girls dropped a tough loss to the DRVC 16u girls. A win in the quarters over Phoenix flare put them in a collision course with the defending 14u National East champion Durham Attack 15u Ninjas. Winning the first set in a squeaker which saw Durham mount a late charge lead to the momentum carrying over to the second set where Durham had a convincing 25-15 win. The rubber game was a see saw battle with the Outlaws charging back from a 6-12 deficit to tie the game at 13. It was all they could muster however and feel 15-13 to lose their shot at premiere. Undaunted the team reqrouped for a win in the Bronze over a new Reach Fusion team from Toronto.

Meanwhile at 13u in Kingston as well, the Rattlers finished 4th in their tournament in Kingston this weekend. Going in as a 5th seed they managed to win their pool by beating the 8th seeded NBVC team and the 2nd seeded Durham Attack TNT team in two games each.  In the quarter finals they faced the Ottawa Fusion and won an exciting match in 3 games.  The girls then advanced to the semi-finals which was uncharted grounds for them.  At this point in the last two tournaments the girls were packing up getting ready to go home with a 5th place finish, and now they found themselves having to play two more games.  The girls lost their semi-final match in a hard fought battle to the host club  Pegasus, and then lost the bronze medal match to the same Durham Attack TNT team that they beat in pool play. Making it to the medal round was a great experience for the girls and should prove to be something to build upon for future tournaments

“ Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. ”
– Michael Jordan