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Club News Story

Weekend #4 - Black Friday becomes Golden Saturday

2014 / 11 / 29

In a day that may never be repeated the 18U girls division handed out three medals to our charges in what has to be the best single day performance ever for the club.

Beginning in Burlington down by the lake, the 18U Shotguns and yes, that's right 18u Girls Mustangs had very different days but in separate ways they were both incredibily rewarding for everyone.

The first girl's team ever to sport the Mustangs nickname went into the tournament sporting the #3 seed. They quickly went to work on arch rival Durham with a straight set victory. However Project Dunning, as they will be known as in the future, hit a small bump against the home town Hurricanes who showed that they are ready to be a force of power in this league. Winning 1-0 but down 18-8 in the second, the Hurricanes showed that calm was just the eye of the storm and they regained their gale force level of play to comeback and defeat our girls in straight sets. Not knowing it at the time the defeat would prove to pave a less stressful path to the Gold medal match, as Halton would draw defending champs Forest City in the quarters and lose that battle.

 A quarter final match-up with MVC proved to be a quick reset for the girls who were out to showcase their new roster as one others would have to deal with on their terms. A match-up with the ShotGuns was their reward and they took advantage of a very drained and battered Mousseau led crew to win hanidly in straight sets. That brought the 'Stangs up against probably the most consistent team over the past 4 years in the OVA; The Aurora Stuorm Lightning under the tutilage of head Coach and a former teacher of Coach Dunning at York University. This Aurora team has been in premier in two age groups for the past three seasons and challenging for medals in both during that time. The Storm bolted to an early first set win, but the Mustangs showed us that they aren't afraid of a little fireworks and reared their collective heads to a complete team effort winning the finals in 3 sets and claim the #1 position going in to the next tournament. Great work Coaches Dunning, Krawchuk, Salem and Gaboury.

At the smae event the Shotguns had the #5 draw. Their day started with what would be described as a complete backfire of a morning, losing all four sets by very lopsided scores to say the least. However Coach "Carter" Mousseau had a little chat with the girls about their immediate future and coaxed back to back incredible wins (2-1 over both Durham and DRVC) out of this beleagured group to make it to the semis against the Mustangs, where we know what happended. But what people might not know is this little team of 12 gaugers had a little left in the tank for last years provincial champions (Forest City) as they came to the court off a tough semi loss. Our girls showed the team from London that every match is worth your best and no matter what happened last it's what is about to happen that is the most important thing. Resilience is the strongest ally of any competitior and this year's Shotguns proved they've got it.

One team medaling at the highest level in the province is an accomplishment but two is just amazing!

Meanwhile down the 401 in Kingston the 17U Blackjacks were trying their luck at the 18u division and I guess there was something in the water as coach Walker's group kept on hitting on all deals until everyone at the table had been beat in straight sets. A dominant 12-0 set performance at an age group up proved that these girl knew when to hold-em while everyone else was folding. With this win a rare double gold at the oldest age division became part of Maverick folk lore for years to come.

Before we get too caught up in the glory of the seniors we might want to take a look back down on the farm. Here at home the 14U girls got a chance to strut their stuff in a rootin' tootin' shoot-out at LongFields Davidson Heights SS. 

The Six-Shooters and Revolvers had exceptional days as they started off in the same pool and finished playing for Bronze. For coach Bergeron and her Six Shooters their day began with a win over the cross town Fusion in their opener and a loss to the Revolvers, while the Six Shooters of Coach Smith came in and won both pool matches to win their pool. After all three teams won their quarters it came down to a Maverick head to head series to see who would take it all. The Gold Diggers ended up facing the Six-Shooters in the semis while the Revolvers drew the Pegasus crew from Kingston.

First into the finals were the Gold Diggers with a straight set win over the Six Shooters and unfortunately the Revolvers fell in a close 3 set affair to Pegasus. That meant a Bronze rematch between our two pistols and the Gold Diggers would go off to clip the wings off the mythical beast and make good on their team moniker with another Golden undefeated (I was told emphatically by the girls) finish.

Congratulations to all Coaches, players and parents on a historic day in November.

Keep up the great work everyone.

“ The future depends on what we do in the present. ”
– Mahatma Ghandi