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Club News Story

2014 Starts with Golden Overtones

2014 / 11 / 09

Victories are not always easy to recognize in the greater plan and sometimes they come at a time when you least suspect. This weekend was filled with plenty of each type.

In Oshawa the 17u BlackJacks started the day on a sour note with losses to Markham and Durham Attack 16u. However after a wake up call the team responded with a huge upset over Leaside Lightning and then the Durham Attack 17u Black team. (Defending provincial champions) From an 0-2 start to a berth in the semifinals and a win shy of moving to Premier for the next event. Unfortunately that pesky DA 16u team stood in the way of the finals and the girls couldn't recover for the bronze. Lessons learned for everyone and the shining light of victories over two top level Premier teams gives everyone something to bite into for the upcoming Dec 8th tournament.

Meanwhile just up the 401 the 15u HP Ambush got their first taste of how challenging the move to Championship is (no Premier for first OVA, thus all the top teams compete at Championship), especially when you start as the 9th seed. The Markham Stingers were the number 3 seed and demonstrated what being at this level means. The Ambush learned that lesson quickly and recovered to win their next match over the #4 seed Titans of Scarborough. A pre-quarter victory lead to a tough semi against the top seeded Hurricanes. After losing the quarters the Ambush rebounded to win the match for 5th place and guarantee their return to Championship level for the next tournament. Again one of those victories that mean a lot to a team in their development.

Meanwhile closer to home in Kingston two OVA events were held at Queen's University and Maverick teams and players not only covered virtually every court they also populated the top of the scoreboard.

At 17u Trillium the 17u Twisters and 16u HP Outlaws competed against teams from all over Eastern Ontario. As the day unfolded the Twisters were excited to be on the verge. The younger aged Outlaws started their 17u experience with a nerve ladened 2-0 loss to Durham Attack Red. A wake up call that soon lead to an unprecedented run to the top. A second match win over the sixth seeded Eastern Ontario Airforce from Perth, then wins over the third seeded Clarington Grizzlies (quarters), top seeded Durham Attack Red (semi) and finally the fourth seeded Phenix from Bourget lead to a Gold Medal. But the biggest victory was the fact that all of this was done not only in an age group up but with complete and full roster rotation Coach Nguyen has his charges believing in themselves as a complete package, again a victory that is greater to him than the medal around his neck.

Meanwhile the 15u Trillium division was a 4 pool- 12 team event. Each pool featured one Maverick team in each. When the dust settled at the end of play 3 of 4 pools were won by Maverick 15u teams (the Stampede, Colts and Spurs) and the 14u Gold Diggers were second in their pool. (the best was yet to come from these young start-ups) As the playoffs unfolded the first round saw 3 Maverick teams advanced to the semi-finals (the 15u Stampede, Colts and 14u Gold Diggers) While the Stampede rebounded from a first set loss to dispatch the Fusion Explosion in 3 sets, those pesky little Gold Diggers were knocking down their big sisters Spurs in winning their way to a final against the Stampede. Their journey of Goliath slaying came to an end against the HP Stampede. Again the day being a giant victory for everyone. The Maverick name gained the respect of an entire age group at 17U and 15U. The 14u and 16u teams flexed their muscles against older teams and the Stampede moved to the Championship division alongside their HP sisters the Ambush.

The day was filled with victories in many forms around the province. Days like this make the season colorful and rewarding for all of us. The season is off to a great start, can't wait for next week and the start of the boys season.

“ When you make a mistake, don't look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into your mind, and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power. ”
– Phyllis Bottome