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Club News Story

Bronze Medal at l'Omnium du Québec

2014 / 11 / 03

The 16U Maverick Longhorns started their much-anticipated season with a bang by attending the Omnium du Québec in Sherbrooke on the weekend of Nov 1st. The Longhorns are the defending Ontario Provincial Champions and National East silver medalists.

This exciting weekend started with a 16U tournament on Saturday followed by an 18U tournament on Sunday. Our Saturday tournament started a bit rocky with many missed serves, but the 'Horns picked up speed throughout the day, found their momentum, and finished with a Bronze medal win.

What a great opportunity to introduce many new players to the roster, including Matt Wlodarski, Julien Caswell, Alexandre Hill Huard, and Jackie Nguyen who supported the team from the bench with a fractured foot. Their notable performance was detected by the coaching staff from the CEGEP de Sherbrooke who took the opportunity to address the team about their program and facilities.

The Sunday tournament was even more exciting with the arrival of the 17U Maverick Desperados who dominated the day, ending with a gold medal victory. The 'Horns held their own despite playing up 2 years, with several impressive hits, blocks and serves. Their first glimpse at the libero position was very well received by Jackson Dunning and Alexandre St-Denis who demonstrated their passing ability and agile footwork while middle hitters Alexandre Rioux, Richard Bucar and newcomer Julien Caswell competently practiced their quick hits on a higher net. Let's not forget our right-side secret weapon, Alexandre Nsakanda, whose ball dented the floor on several crucial occasions. No match would be complete without the continued determination of setter Maxime St-Denis whose skilful ball handling and legendary dumps earned them several valuable points.

There's no denying the potential of this team of young men, and this parent correspondent looks forward to following their progress throughout the year.

“ Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of quality; the other, a matter of time. ”
– Marabel Morgan