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Club News Story

Maverick Volleyball LTAD Strategic Planning

2014 / 05 / 23


The Ottawa Maverick Volleyball Club Pursues a New Vision for its Long-Term Athlete Development  

The Maverick Volleyball Club strives to push the boundaries of its programs to continually deliver more to its athletes, coaches and community.

Our Club has grown exponentially and has recently achieved the highly coveted Volleyball Canada Club Accreditation. We deliver programs that consistently place our teams in premier tiers within Ontario and our athletes contribute to many of the top varsity teams in Canada. But we can do more -- there is always room for improvement!

To that end, the Maverick Volleyball Club is proud to announce the launch of a special initiative to renew its vision for the long-term development of our athletes.

“We are proud of our national recognition, but cannot rest on our laurels. Now is the time for us to show leadership in the development of youth volleyball in Canada at the club level,” states Maverick Volleyball founder, Kerry MacLean. “We aim to engage the entire volleyball community in this year-long dialogue.”

Our Goal:

The Maverick Volleyball Club’s goal is to deliver quality programs and coaching that will help our athletes:

  • reach their full potential in volleyball;
  • to be as prepared as possible to excel at the “next level”; and,
  • be involved in volleyball throughout their life

For this strategic initiative to succeed in reaching this goal, we are committed to being open, transparent and consultative. We understand that we must:

  • take a critical look at our current objectives, policies, programs;
  • engage current and past athletes, parents and coaches;
  • ensure our programs are aligned with those of Volleyball Canada (VC), the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA), CIS, and CCAA; and,
  • consult with external partners, such as area schools, post-secondary volleyball programs and community organizations to learn how we can work together more effectively to achieve our common goal of developing youth – both on and off the court.  

Scope of this Initiative:

The outcome of this initiative will be a comprehensive plan that establishes a strategic vision, objectives, policies, guidelines, projects, implementation actions, partnerships, and perhaps organizational change. We will focus on ten key Strategy Areas:

1.    Coaching Recruitment and Development

2.    Athlete Recruitment and Selection

3.    Skills & Tactics Development (“The Mavericks Way”)

4.    Physical & Mental Training

5.    Individual Athlete Training Needs

6.    Team Seasonal Planning and Competitions

7.    Graduating Athletes (Preparing for Next Level)

8.    Outreach and Partnerships

9.    Measuring and Tracking Success

10. Governance and Operations 

Appendix A provides a preliminary list of topics to be explored within each Strategy Area. This is just a starting point to frame the dialogue.

Our Next Steps

Over the next year, the Club will be consulting with stakeholders and developing Strategy Teams that will assess our current programs and make recommendations for each of the Strategy Areas. The results will be synthesized to form the Maverick Vision for Long-Term Athlete Development (MVLTAD).

We invite you to be involved!

The Maverick Volleyball Club is built on the foundation of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about volleyball – not only how it develops its athletes, but how it develops successful individuals who contribute to their community. The success of this initiative will depend on the energy, ideas and commitment of these volunteers. 

To volunteer your time and expertise to this initiative by participating in a Strategy Team, please submit this Volunteer Interest Form.  Each Strategy Team will be comprised of 5-8 volunteers including: subject matter experts, coaches, parents, athletes, alumni, and community members. A Team Lead will be identified to lead their Team’s activities and report to the project’s co-managers, Sheila Roy and Ron Clarke, and ultimately, the Club’s Executive. The Terms of Reference will be developed by each Team to define the scope, objectives, meeting frequency and outcomes.

To provide feedback on this initiative, please share your insight through the following questionnaire.

If you have any questions, please contact Ron Clarke at or Sheila Roy at

“ Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. ”
– Michael Jordan