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Cancellation Policy / texte français

Cancellation/Refund Policy for Learn-To-Play Programs

(for all Camps, Indoor and Outdoor, FUNdamentals, Practice & Play and Game On programs)

  1. We provide 100% reimbursement if cancellation is requested 45 days prior to the start of a camp or program.

  2. We provide an 80% refund if cancellation is requested between 7 and 45 days before the start of a camp or program.

  3. If a cancellation is requested within 7 days of a campor program starting, we will reimburse 80% of the remaining days if we can fill your spot from the wait-list

  4.  Within 7 days of the start of a program or camp, or after it has started, we will provide an 80% refund of the remaining days if a participant cannot continue due to health or a medical issue (a doctor’s certificate may be required).

  5. If you have registered for a Learn-To-Play or Recreational program and you subsequently accept an offer to play on a competitive travelling or non-travelling Maverick Team, you are eligible for a 100% refund. Refund requests should be made before the start of the LTP or Rec program. Late requests will be pro-rated.

Please note, while every attempt will be made to make up any sessions that may be cancelled due to circumstances out of our control such ice storms, Beach Volleyball weather, public health issues, etc ... if Maverick Volleyball cannot make up the cancelled session, refunds will not be available.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about any of these policies or to request a cancellation.

Politique d'annulation/remboursement pour les programmes de Développement

(tous les Camps, Jeunes-o-volley, ainsi que Ligues Maisons)

  1. Nous offrons un remboursement à 100 % si l'annulation est demandée 45 jours avant le début d'un camp ou d'un programme.
  2. Nous offrons un remboursement de 80% si l'annulation est demandée entre 7 et 45 jours avant le début d'un camp ou d'un programme.
  3. Dans les 7 jours suivant le début d'un camp ou d'un programme, si une annulation est demandée, nous vous rembourserons 80 % des jours restants si nous pouvons combler votre place à partir de la liste d'attente
  4. Dans les 7 jours suivant le début d'un programme ou d'un camp, nous rembourserons 80 % des jours restants si un participant ne peut pas continuer pour des raisons de santé ou un problème médical (un certificat médical peut être requis).

Cancellation/Refund Policy for Non-Travelling Team Programs (CTC) 

Offering a position in a CTC is a commitment from the Maverick organization and accepting the offer brings with it certain responsibilities not only to the Club and the Coach, but to the other athletes as well. Athletes are expected to attend each session and alert the coach if something interferes. 

Our refund policy takes into account that numerous costs are paid before the first practice and that a suitable replacement player is seldom available, which means that any child’s departure can have training repercussions for the group as a whole.  

Please note that no refunds will be given after selection to a Non-Travelling Team Program (CTC) has been accepted, except in three specific cases: if your child is asked to leave the Club for any reason other than a breach of the Athlete Code of Conduct, if your child sustains a season-ending injury during a sanctioned Club activity, or if a suitable replacement player is signed to the squad. 

If your refund request falls under one of the exceptions noted above, you will be entitled to a refund on the following conditions: 

Cancellation in the first 4 weeks of the program - 50% of fees paid (less the cost of any equipment/clothing assigned to athlete) 

Cancellation between weeks 4-8 of the program - 25% of fees paid (less the cost of any equipment/clothing assigned to athlete) 

Cancellation after 8 weeks of the program - No refund 

Competitive Programs

Cancellation/Refund Policy for Competitive Programs

MVC Activity Conflict Guidelines

MVC Communication Guidelines

MVC Playing Opportunity

MVC Sponsorship 



**Maverick Volleyball Air Quality Policy for Outdoor Activities** 


Purpose: To ensure the safety and health of participants in outdoor activities by monitoring and responding to air quality issues. 


Scope: This policy applies to all outdoor sports activities organized or sponsored by Maverick Volleyball. 




1. Air quality monitoring: Our organization will monitor air quality conditions before, during, and after outdoor sports activities. We will follow local air quality guidelines and use reliable sources for air quality data. 


2. Air quality thresholds: Our organization has established air quality thresholds for outdoor sports activities based on Environment Canada (WeatherCAN App) air quality guidelines. If the air quality index (AQI) reaches 5-6, outdoor activities will be monitored and reduced. If AQI reaches and exceeds the threshold of 7, we will consider postponing or canceling the activity. Generally, a threshold of 5-6 AQI or higher is considered unhealthy for sensitive groups, while a threshold of 7 AQI or higher is considered unhealthy for everyone. However, specific thresholds may vary depending on location and type of outdoor activity. 


3. Communication: Our organization will communicate air quality conditions to participants and staff before and during outdoor sports activities. We will use multiple channels to ensure that everyone is aware of the current air quality conditions. 


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